Asian School Lunches vs Bowditch

Shuga Shiraki, Journalist

Do you think that Bowditch lunch is better than school lunches in Asia, or do you think Asian school lunch has the upper hand? In this article I will be talking about the different kinds of school lunches in Asia and compare it with Bowditch lunch. 

 Bowditch’s lunch menu differs everyday, so students are given many options for their lunch. For example, lunch on December 2 is a choice between Chicken nuggets and Beef cheeseburger. Lunch on December 3 is BBQ Chicken Drumstick or Beef Cheeseburger. Each day, you can choose from two main menus. Every other week, each day, they serve Beef Cheese burgers and corn dogs. The cheese burgers is about 297 calories and the corn dogs are about 240 calories. Other side meals are available to students daily. Including Nacho Chili Cheese Burrito, Spicy chicken Patty Sandwich, Deli Turkey Sub Sandwich, Deli Salads, Yogurt Basket, Fruit and Vegetables, and  a choice of Fat Free Chocolate Milk or 1% White Milk. The normal lunch costs a total of $3.00. Snacks like sodas, chips, and cookies can be bought with additional money . Normally students would buy unhealthy junk foods such as chips and sodas. The lunch is frozen food, so it is not very healthy if eaten every day. A normal day lunch will consist of 600 calories plus other snacks which can make it an unhealthy amount. The lunch has too much sodium in them ,so think before buying the lunch here.

 Now, the school lunches in Asia are much different from our lunch. Japanese lunch is one of them. Like Bowditch lunch, the menus for schools in Japan give students a variety of choices. But there are two key factors  that make Japanese lunches totally different from Bowditch lunch. First, from elementary to middle school, everybody has to eat the same menu and can not choose. Second, they are mostly not frozen food and are made by the chefs in the school. The typical Japanese school lunch consists of rice, some form of protein (fish, chicken, beef, etc.), vegetables, soup, and milk. Overall the meals are well balanced and often really tasty. The calories for this school lunch is also about 600 calories and no snacks included. On special occasions, the kids get a fruit punch where they can stuff their favorite fruits into a cup and pour soda on it. Students enjoy this treat very much.

Next, I will be talking about the school lunches in China. Just like Japan, China has a variety of menus. It is very close to Japanese school lunches, but there are more dishes with noodles instead of rice. A typical lunch in China will look like, A tray with rice, some greens such as boiled broccoli, and some kind of fruit. Before, the Chinese distributed  lunch that barely had enough nutrition for the kids and 12 percent of children had symptoms of malnutrition. Now, the government was able to fix that problem and every kid get a tray full of rice and greens.

In conclusion, the school lunches in Asia are superior to the school lunch in Bowditch. Bowditch lunches are very unhealthy and often have many calories and are frozen. This is the reason that more kids are fat in this country. In some countries in Asia, they require people to eat the school lunches without throwing them away. The nutrition is well taken and the food is very balanced. Asian lunch is the healthier choice for the children.