School lunches Europe versus America


Ming Doong, Journalist


Have you ever thought about what other countries eat for school lunch? In this article I will compare the average American school lunch to school lunches in Europe.


The average American lunch consists of chicken nuggets or a burger as an entree, some veggies and milk on the side. Sometimes there will be a dessert such as cookies and snacks, like chips. As you can see, these choices are unhealthy with all the junk food involved in the average American school lunch. The food items are unappetizing and unhealthy for the students. 


One country in Europe I will talk about is England. England has much healthier choices such as pasta, broccoli, bread and fresh fruit. Another choice for the students to pick from is veggie chili and sponge cake. Students in England also have the choice of pies, such as Shepherd’s pie and pudding or yogurt. These meals are cooked daily.

Another country in Europe is France. School lunches in France have more diversity than America. They have salads, a hot entree with cheese, a side of grains or veggies, and dessert. There is more of a variety of salads and cheeses. Fish such as salmon is a common hot entree. Each different dish is separated into different courses, making each lunch a four course meal. The meals are served fresh and packed daily.


Countries in Europe are more diverse in healthy food selection and nutrition. They have more balanced meals with less junk food. Unlike European countries, American school lunches have more processed items that don’t use ingredients as fresh or as healthy as European countries.


USA everything, chicken nuggets, cookies, etc.:

England pasta:×1500/filters:fill(auto,1)/GettyImages-885397466-5c0cc0634cedfd00012758a7.jpg 

France carrot salad: