Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2

Konstantinos Paparrizos and Guy R.

    Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter game released by Valve and has become one of the most influential games of its time. The game was released in 2007, and can still reach tens of thousands of players every day. It has inspired many other popular team-based shooters, such as Overwatch and Paladins. It has also built up one of the deepest and most entertaining stories behind the events in-game, along with excellent characters, all designed based off of a 1960s Cell-shaded America. So, what exactly is Team Fortress 2? 

    Well, as we said before, Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter game that was released by Valve in 2007. Once a mod for Quake in 1996, it eventually was remade in 1999 as Team Fortress Classic, then was given a sequel after a long period of development. This game went through multiple design changes and reworks before finally being released. Valve originally planned on it being a realistic modern war game, but thankfully the game was changed into a cartoon and slightly comedic art style, as it is today.

    The game play consists mainly of objective-based combat, such as capturing the enemy’s flag, with each player defending their own objective or attacking the other team’s. Usually, the strategies for attacking are either using brute-force to push your way to the objective by killing the enemy team, or trying to sneak to the objective without the enemy noticing that anyone had passed by.

    There are nine available classes consisting of offensive, defensive, and support. There are three offensive characters. One offensive character is the Scout, who is focused on picking fights and capturing the objectives with his incredible speed and passive bonuses, but with a close-range arsenal for flanking. If you are interested in more explosive measures, try the Soldier, the most standard class featuring an RPG which does a lot of damage, but a slow movement speed, and with the ability to use the knockback of his own explosives to traverse the map at high speeds. If aiming doesn’t feel like your style, Pyro’s flamethrower can burn enemies without much effort, along with his arsenal of secondary weapons to finish the job that work even if you’re close or far from the enemy.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a more defensive playstyle, choose the Engineer, while being the weakest class on his own, he can lock down positions with a Sentry gun and support his team using AoE Dispensers, and teleporters if he has the time to set up. If you like to play tanky characters with high health and high damage, then you should play Heavy. Heavy has the highest health in the game, packing a punch with a high-damage Minigun and items to support him as well, resulting in the ability to quickly decimate unsuspecting foes. If none of these seem interesting, and you want to play a high damage character who is great for both offense and defense, than Demo-man is the man for you, able to launch high-damage grenades and set traps for unsuspecting flankers.

    If you really want to help out you team though, you should play as a Medic, allowing you to heal teammates back up to full health, and you are able to have brief periods of invincibility for maximum damage output. If not Medic, maybe you would rather play as the Sniper and have the ability to knock off any enemy with a single headshot, but only if you have good accuracy to pull it off. And if none of these seem interesting to you, maybe you want to play Spy, a Dime-a-Dozen backstabbing bloke, who can go invisible and disguise as teammates or enemies to get the drop with a one-hit kill.


    If you want an introduction to all these classes, check   out the Meet The Team Series by Valve, introducing you to all the wisecrack character’s personalities. But there are four other classes that handle crowd control, explosives, rocket jumping across the map, and even to disguise yourself to spy on your enemies, and there are thousands of combinations to completely change your play style with tons of different weapons!

    But that’s not the only part of Team Fortress 2, because now with the ultimate power of fashion, hundreds of Cosmetics can be unboxed for your character as you see fit- or you could trade for them. One of the games most popular aspects, and keeping it alive with a constant player base is Trading, with a whole economy based around three tiers of scrap you can get from incinerating weapons and cosmetics, allowing you to stockpile this currency to trade for a hat you’d like, or use them to open crates to get prized hats to trade for a profit, with the most expensive cosmetics leading to over 6,697 in-game dollars! And even if you don’t want to use scrap, there are multiple fan-made websites for finding other traders, or to buy hats with real money if your not in the mood for a gambit. But make sure to watch out for scammers with fake accounts and websites however, and listen to the bigger YouTubers with on guides on how to start a TF2 career. It’s easy to jump into, but a lot harder to master.

    If all this sounds interesting, or you want to find your own way to play, give it a try, as it is free to try on Steam, and Valve’s very own gaming platform, currently the most popular PC platform out there. All you need to do to get started on trading is to invest around $10, and your set. Its been running since 2007, and it doesn’t look like stopping anytime soon.