8th Grade Girls Basketball


Elexis Yang and Kyle Jiang

Bowditch middle school’s Girls basketball team has always been a popular attraction to the student body. So when the date for tryouts arrives, many people show up in hopes of making a team. Only the most talented make the team, so below is a selection of a few players from the A team to share a few of their secrets and advice about what’s happening on and off the court, and how you can improve your skills.


Avelyn Liang is on the 8A Girls basketball team and has been playing the sport since she was in she was in 6th grade. She plays center and guard, which means she helps with defensive plays near the basket. One attribute she likes about the sport is how fast paced it is, though listening to the coach is the best way to be successful. She remembers a time when she scored 10 points in her final game of the season, keeping the team undefeated, and that became her career high. This was especially memorable for her because she has difficulty shooting her baskets on target.


Sumedha Chanriskar is on the 8A girls basketball team, and has been playing since she was in 5th grade. She plays Center, which is the most important position of a defencive play. During these defensive situations, she uses her height to her advantage. Sumedha’s advice directed at new players is to be aware of your surroundings and constantly look around. Improving on this can further advance reflexes and will help make sure the taller people on the opposing team do not get hand on the ball. Sumedha’s most memorable moment during her basketball career took place when she was in 5th grade while playing at PJCC. During this time, she scored her first ever point during a game.  


Deanna Spencer is also on the 8A Girls Basketball team and has been playing the sport ever since she was in 5th grade. She contributes to the team by playing point guard, the person who helps call drills and dribble the ball up to the basket. She previously played for the YMCA, and noticed that defending the ball is difficult because it’s hard to keep up with the ball. Later, she learned that thinking smart is really useful in basketball. Deanna enjoys playing basketball with her friends and encourages others to play as well


Olivia is on the 8A Girls Basketball team and has been playing basketball ever since she was in 6th grade. She plays center, the position that gets the rebounds, and does layups more often than jump shots. She likes how she can use her height to her advantage in basketball, though she thinks that running is hard while playing. Oliva advises other players to listen to the coach, and practice whenever you can. Her favorite memory from playing Basketball is when her team was playing a game in which they were ahead by 40 points.


Hunter Kwan has played basketball since her elementary days and is now on the A team for Bowditch. She plays Point guard: the player who directs the team’s offence; and Shooting Guard: the position that guards the outer rim on defense, and shoots 3-pointers on offence. When Hunter was young, she loved playing games that required defending and stealing, which led to the start of her basketball career. She started off playing for AAU Asian Ball and is now playing for NBJ Basketball Club. Hunter says, “Even if you are not that good, remember where you are supposed to be and study the plays because simply knowing what to do will get you playing time.” This advice comes through experience, but even though Hunter has been playing for such a long time, she is still constantly working on improving her basketball skills.


Basketball is a competitive sport that challenges a player’s athleticism and ability to think fast. The sport requires hand eye coordination, and endurance to keep running throughout the game. The girls on the team work extremely hard to achieve their goals to have successful basketball careers. Basketball is a fun sport, so if you have the opportunity, you should try it out.