The History Of Nintendo

The History Of Nintendo

Jeremiah Pascual, Journalist





The History Of Nintendo

What is the history of Nintendo you may ask? How did they become where they are at now? Nintendo was originally founded as Yamanouchi Nintendo, By Fusajiro Yamauchi on September 23, 1889, Based in Kyoto, Japan.  It was originally a card playing company. They made a game called Hanafuda where you can use the cards to play the game. When the game Hanafuda was released, it gained lots of popularity in Japan. Also, Nintendo was one of the first company to make wireless controllers for their consoles. It was also one of the first companies to let players save their files and game progress. In 1996, Nintendo perfected 3d gaming by releasing the game Super Mario 64. In 2002, they released wireless controllers for the GameCube.

Everything changed in 1956 Nintendo evolved into a video game company. It began when Hiroshi Yamauchi, the grandson of Fusajiro Yamauchi, took over as the third president of Nintendo. In 1956 Yamauchi went to the United States in hopes to expand his company. Later on Nintendo focused their company more on family entertainment with the production of the Laser Clay Shooting System. In 1975 they released their first video game called Magnavox Odyssey in Japan and this was the first game they made a commercial on. This began the rise of the commercial video game industry.

The Rise Of Nintendo

Nintendo made consoles in the 70s and 80s and had some success with the odyssey and began to develop its own video games both for home and arcades. Gunpei Yokoi made the games and consoles for arcades also along with a group of game developers. They began to expand Nintendo in a suburb of Kyoto in Japan. In the 1980s that’s when Nintendo made some of their most popular arcade games including, EVR Race, which was made in 1975 and Donkey Kong was made in 1981. These games were originally released in arcades and on the atari game system. Nintendo’s first handheld video game was the Game and Watch, which was released in 1980. Nintendo had major commercial success by selling 43.4 million units worldwide. Each Game and Watch featured a single game to be played on the screen, and additionally contained a clock and/or alarm. 

Later on in 1981, Nintendo released the Gameboy. The Game Boy was the first portable, handheld game system with interchangeable game cartridges, and was released along with a game still played by millions today. Tetris was a popular game everyone played on the Game Boy. Then Nintendo launched the Nintendo 64. More than 500,000 systems were sold on the first day as thousands lined up to experience the

revolutionary console. In the same year, Nintendo launched the Game Boy pocket which was 30 percent smaller version of the world’s most popular handheld device. Super Mario 64 was released with the Nintendo 64 and is known as the greatest game of all time.


Nintendo is known as the number one gaming company in the world. Nintendo started off small and became a big company everyone knows today. Thanks to Fusajiro Yamauchi (founder of Nintendo) Nintendo wouldn’t be here today. The game that made Nintendo famous was, beginning the rise to this company, was Mario 64, it made Nintendo famous. Satoru Iwata once said, “We are trying to capture the widest possible audience, all around the world.” Through time and work, they accomplished their goal.