Overwatch 2


Neil Sandal, Author

Overwatch 2 is the sequel to the online multiplayer game which goes by the same name. The game is owned by blizzard a game company known for many other games such as— world of Warcraft, Heartstone, Starcraft, and Diabalo.T he sequel took almost 3 years to be announced but will be worth the wait for all those who hoped for a second game. 


The original Overwatch was an online multiplayer shooter game with multiple game modes for people to enjoy. When the game came out in mid 2016, the game only had 21 characters and a simple 6 vs 6 gamemode. Although since launching the character count has gone up from 21 to 30 and now has lots of different modes for you to play in. This new game will have more game modes for you to play and even a new story mode which was never in the original game.


The new Overwatch 2 will have new heros, new maps, and new multiplayer game modes, which will make their way back over to the original game at no extra cost but the new story mode and some other features and going to be exclusive to the new game. Though the game has not been fully developed and is still in the beginning phase of being developed, there is no confirmed release date but Blizzard has said, “Like, just let us make it great that’s what we care about more than anything.” The new game is going to be mainly focused around the PVE aspect and less about the PVP portion of the game. The new game will also give old characters new abilities which will be exclusive to this game and will not make their way over to the old game. There has been one new character in the new game which was Sojourn but there is not much info about her yet. Overwatch 2 will be getting a new gamemode/map called Push, which will require you to push a robot from the middle and close off the enemy to win. Lastly, players who are playing the original Overwatch will not be able to play the new story mode. Although, they will be able to play the new PVP game modes with their friends who might be playing Overwatch 2.


Overwatch 2 introduces a lot of new features for people who decide to purchase the new game but doesn’t restrict them from playing with their friends who still have the original Overwatch. There is no need to worry about losing a friend just because they play the latest game. While the game is still not out and will not be out for a while, enjoy playing with your friends as much as you can because once the new game comes out they might focus on the story.