VSCO Girls


Evelyn Su and Kyle Jiang

VSCO girls have a certain style, including oversized t-shirts, scrunchies, messy buns, metal straws, shell necklaces, Fjallraven Kanken backpacks, Birkenstocks or Crocs, says “and i oop-” and “sksksk”, has Pura Vida bracelets/anklets, Vans, tops from Pacsun and Brandy Melville, wears vintage dresses, has Carmex and Glossier lip gloss, drinking Starbucks, goes on TikTok, and has Hydroflasks. This style became popular when TikTok became popular, because TikTok features a lot of posts from VSCO girls. Though VSCO girls get a lot of hate from their peers including classmates, and other social media users. Here are some student and teacher opinions about VSCO girls. 

Ms. Yeung is a social studies teacher here at Bowditch who previously dressed up as a VSCO girl for Halloween. She feels as if a VSCO child today has a “very carefully curated aesthetic and personality…” Although a VSCO child uses metal straws and reusable water bottles, Ms. Yeung thinks that “it’s not addressing larger issues about climate change. It is fantastic that we are switching from plastic to metal straws, but it still doesn’t stop large companies from fracking or pouring pollution and CO2 into our environment and polluting our air and our waters.” To stop climate change or pollution of our environment, we need to do more than just have a couple hundred or thousand people use reusable objects. We need to encourage the rest of the world and our families and governments that using metal objects are better and more eco friendly than plastic ones.

To add on to Ms. Yeung, Ms. McCormick thinks that VSCO girls do not deserve the hate that they are getting. Ms. McCormick thinks that the fashion are similar to the 90s. Ms. McCormick is not a VSCO girl, but will always be a “90s girl”. Ms. Freesmeier, thinks that there is also a little bit of 80s involved. 

Bailey Wong, an eighth grader here at Bowditch, thinks that “people can be whoever they want.” She thinks that she does not consider to be a vsco girl because she does not have all the necessary material, including Fjallraven Kanken backpacks, oversized tees, Birkenstocks, messy buns, and she doesn’t have VSCO app. She also doesn’t say “and I opp-” and “sksksk”, which are trademarks for Vsco girls. Like Bailey, Ms. Freesmeier thinks that she isn’t a VSCO girl, but she still has a lot of necessities. When Ms. Freesmeier took a VSCO quiz on Buzzfeed, she got a compatibility rate of 80 percent. 

Ms. Freesmeier agrees that “people need to stop judging. Period. People only judge to put others down and be more confident in themselves. Wear what you want to wear…Other people think that vsco girls are trying to hard. Always hating to make them feel better, no matter what you have/ do/ wear, anywhere, anytime. Vsco girls ignore the hate.”

In conclusion, VSCO girls have been very popular this year, because their unique sense of style, and personality. Some necessities of a VSCO girl include a Hydroflask, a puka shell necklace, an oversized t-shirt, clothing from Brandy Melvile, and shoes from either Vans, Birkenstocks, Crocs, or Nike. Though VSCO girls get a lot of hate, they are normal people just like anyone else, and a lot of people including those who are at Bowditch thinks that they don’t deserve to be judged just because of their sense of style. Some think that their sense of style was stolen from the internet, and feel as if VSCO girls are trying too hard, but society is too harsh on people. People can be whoever they want to be.