Shuga Shiraki and Jeremiah Pascual


By: Shuga Shiraki and Jeremiah Pascual

Did you ever wonder how Thanksgiving became a holiday? So what is Thanksgiving anyway and why do Americans even celebrated it? What is the holiday actually about? First, Thanksgiving is usually celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. For the year of 2019, Thanksgiving is on Thursday, November 28th. Did you know, Thanksgiving originated as a harvest festival? Also, it became a national holiday in 1863 by President Abraham Lincoln, and now the holiday is celebrated it every year. Thanksgiving is celebrated in other countries such as Canada too.

Turkey is a popular dish that is eaten during the celebration of the holiday. Turkey is eaten because this bird was native to North America. Also, the colonists ate turkey a lot when they came to the New World, or present day America. It was more efficient then eating chicken.

In 1621, the Plymouth colonists and Wampanoag Indians shared an autumn harvest feast that is acknowledged today as the first Thanksgiving. The pilgrims in Massachusetts shared a meal with the Native American neighbors. The meal was after the first harvest of the pilgrims, and they celebrated this accomplishment with the Native Americans. This was a very special for them because the pilgrims were suffering in the winter, and they were finally able to harvest and get enough food that even the Native Americans could eat.

The feast for the first Thanksgiving lasted three days. New England celebrates Thanksgiving to thank God for blessings, such as military victories. Today Thanksgiving is  celebrated to gather as a family and have a fun time. Americans would usually eat turkey and stuffing for a proper Thanksgiving meal. Americans celebrate their Thanksgiving based on the 1621 harvest, which was shared with the pilgrims.

However, many people argue that the real history of Thanksgiving is far from what is taught. Many believe that it was actually a conflict between the natives and the pilgrims. They say that in 1639, the Massachusetts governor John Winthrop ordered the pilgrims to slaughter 700 Pequot natives to steal their food supply. So some of the history that is learned in school can be fake. Were the Native people even invited? As of today there was no evidence found proving they weren’t invited for the first Thanksgiving. Maybe it was not Thanksgiving, but Thanks stealing.

Every Friday during Thanksgiving, Black Friday is celebrated. This is year Thanksgiving is on November 29, 2019 on Friday. Black Friday is held on the fourth Friday on November and  is celebrated as a major shopping day. The prices of most of the goods sold are on sale, so everybody gets a chance to go to the stores to buy what they want for a discount. Black Friday is the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Also, the term “Black Friday” is popularly used today, with it only became widely used in recent decades. So, what did Black Friday originally mean? It came from Philadelphia where after the day of Thanksgiving, there was heavy traffic. The term “Black Friday,” was used to describe this chaotic day. But now, it is a major shopping day, so make sure to go shopping on Black Friday for a major discount!

The history of Thanksgiving is about how every pilgrim came together and shared a harvest meal. This holiday is  also enjoyed by eating a meal with our family and give thanks or blessings. In the U.K. people also give thanks for their military victories. People mostly eat turkey for dinner because it’s the signature animal for Thanksgiving.  After Thanksgiving people go Black Friday shopping because everything goes on sale or discounted. The history of Thanksgiving dates way back, and is remembered to this day as a special holiday.