Christmas in other countries

Christmas in other countries

Ming Doong and Noman Fahim

Christmas in other countries

Countries around the world have diverse cultures. They might celebrate different holidays from one another too. Do you ever wonder how different countries celebrate Christmas? Who delivers the gifts?


Christmas in Japan:

Christmas in Japan is celebrated with KFC, romantic dinners, and Hoteiosho.  The purpose of Christmas is to spread happiness rather than religious celebration, which is what Christmas is celebrated for the United States. Christmas Eve is actually celebrated more than Christmas day. The traditional Japanese food for Christmas is Christmas cake. People in Japan feast on KFC because Colonel Sanders looks like Santa. There is even a KFC buffet in Osaka! Hoteiosho is the Japanese version of Santa Claus. School days are closed during Christmas. Hoteiosho, a big, happy guy, has eyes on the back of his head so he can see who is naughty and who is nice. A piece of music in Japan, which is famous in Japan around the end of the year in Japan, is Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and its final act “Ode to Joy”.


Christmas in Hungary:

Hungarian families celebrate with Mikulas, who is their Santa; Midnight mass, the Christmas tree; and similar to Japan, Christmas Eve is really important. It is celebrated with a big feast consisting of fish soup and stuffed cabbage, and many people go to Midnight mass after they feast. Gifts are brought to the children on December 6th by Mikulas. He leaves the goodies in the boots or shoes kids leave on the window sill. On Christmas Day, families spend a lot of time together and they eat another feast. The grandparents take the children on a walk while the rest of the family decorates the tree. When the little kids come home, they are greeted with a surprise, the Christmas tree beautifully decorated.


Christmas in Canada:

Christmas in Canada is a lot like Christmas in the United States. People in Canada send Christmas cards to their friends and family. People like to decorate their houses with Christmas trees, lights and other decorations. The main Christmas meal that people eat are roasted turkey with vegetables. Many Canadians open their gifts on Christmas eve.  Some only open their stockings during Christmas.  A rich fruit Christmas Cake is also eaten normally around Christmas time. Children also believe that Santa is real. Many Canadian families have cooking-baking parties. As a Canadian tradition, people surprise their friends at their house by pantomiming and making weird noises. If the friend guesses the pantomime’s identity, the friend stops and they have a meal together.


All around the world, Christmas has a common theme of a big feast and presents. Paren–Santa surprises the children with gifts that are based on how they behaved during the year. During Christmas people make food to celebrate the holiday. Trees are decorated and stockings are put up. Parties are held with friends and family alike. Christmas is coming, and we hope you learned something about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries around the world.