The History of Bowditch

Abhijith Aravind and Balvir Singh

Do you want to know how Bowditch originated? Well, we are here to tell you about how Bowditch originated. We will also tell you about the events and changes that happened in Bowditch.

The most recent event that happened in Bowditch was its 50th year. It was 50 years since Bowditch was formed. It happened in 2019. It was about the 50th anniversary since Bowditch struggled to gain funds and perfection. Bowditch originated in 1969, now funded by the government.

This year, Bowditch got 9 new teachers. A lot of teachers left Bowditch in the year 2019. At the same time, a lot of people also changed their subject that the thought. They also had a lot of new policies. For example, Bowditch made the phone policy way stricter than before. They had a lot of different teachers, especially for 8th grade.

Bowditch is a high-quality school at a rank of 110 out of California’s 2,623 schools, at a rating of 4 stars. The teacher to student ratio is on average 1:23. Statistically, the racial breakdown includes 56.2% Asian, 26.3% white, 8.3% Hispanic, 8.3% two or more races, 0.9% other races.

In conclusion, Bowditch was a school with many changes. For example, different teachers have come to Bowditch since it started. The school also had gotten bigger. The amount of students has increased every year since 1969. The technology has also improved significantly, like from books to computers from Windows, Mac8, and the Chromebook. This is all about the history of Bowditch.