Manga/Light Novels


Neil Sandal, Author

Light Novels and Manga are the pieces of text that are used as source material for all the animes that are aired to the public. The first cases of these being released to the public were 1970 for the first ever light novel and it was 1946 when the first Manga came out to the public. Even though both of these items are pieces of text which are used to make animes they have a bunch of differences and very few similarities.


The main attributes of Manga are— that it is published weekly in Shonen Jump or other Magazines and it’s usually about 14 slides. It takes about a week total to complete all the work needed which is about 3 days for the writing and about 3-4 days for the drawings. Another attribute of Manga is that it uses pictures on every single slide and does not usually have large chunks of text on the slide and instead relies on the drawings to demonstrate the description of the surroundings or the characters actions.



The characteristics of Manga also differ from light novels. Usually Manga characters have large eyes and the girls have even larger eyes than the boys in the stories and their eyes can tell a lot about their personality. The hair length doesn’t really depend on the gender since girls can have short hair or long and the same can be said about boys. The color of the hair does not matter either because the hair color of Manga characters is all over the place, ranging from a normal black all the way to neon. The shape is also all over the place ranging from hair styles that sometimes don’t even change if cover in water and will always stay the same(Goku from DragonBall). The mouths of the characters usually aren’t too crazy and are instead just a thin black line across their face that will change when their emotion changes and can sometimes have huge changes depending on how extreme the feeling is. These are the characteristics of a Manga Character and next is Light Novel Characteristics.

The main attributes of Light Novels are that unlike Manga which is published on a weekly basis with parts of the story coming out each time, Light Novels come out all at once but take a lot longer per volume. Also light novels mainly focus on the text as they don’t have many pictures and can sometimes have none. The length of these books are also short as they are mainly around 300 pages per light novel. Lights novels also have a main publishing company such as Kadokawa. Also the light novel industry isn’t easy as it takes a lot of work to publish a novel and can be very stressful and sometimes not worth it if the books do not sell well, resulting in many light novel authors dropping the career.

The characteristics of a light novel character are not exactly set in stone but they do follow the same concepts as Manga with the hair, eyes, and mouth. Although it is mainly up to the writers to decide the personality, strengths, and other such attributes for the character since it is not set in stone. So the writers could make a weak character who gets stronger over the course of the novel, for example Izuku Midoriya for the MHA series. Or they could make a character who is overpowered and is just trying to live a normal life or is trying to hide their power, like Akatsuki Kojou from the Strike the Blood series. So they can have fun with the characters but still make good light novels.

While Manga and Light Novels do share some similarities they do have a lot of differences between them to make sure that no matter which one you buy you will be amused.