Restaurant Reviews: Around the San Mateo County

Restaurant Reviews: Around the San Mateo County


Claire Liberman, Journalist

Restaurant Reviews: Around Foster City

Hungry and wondering where to go? Here are some restaurants I’ve been to, along with my, and other’s opinions of them. Satisfaction of the customer is an important thing to focus on while running a restaurant, now let’s see how well the restaurants listed below do in satisfying their customers. Luckily for you, the most important thing while trying to determine whether youlike a restaurant or not is considered while reviewing these. In order to make your visit to these restaurants delightful, we will be reviewing their service, pricing, quality of food, personal experiences, how clean they are, how busy, and more…


  1. BJ’s

BJ’s is mostly an American restaurant, but has a bit of everything. The nearest one to Foster City is located in the Bridgepointe Shopping Center, where you can also find Target, Petco, Marshalls, Home Depot and many other department stores to look around before or after you eat. If I’m being honest though, the service at BJ’s isn’t the best. It is a very likable restaurant, so that means it is super busy. Which is why you don’t get much attention, and sometimes the way servers treat you might not be what you expect. While I was there, my family had to leave the restaurant because of this issue. We entered the establishment, and everything was fine. However, we told the server that we were going to switch tables since the table next to us was extremely loud. We then looked at the menu, waited for over fifteen minutes, and counting. The server never came up to us. After getting tired of feeling invisible, waiters were just passing by us, so we called the manager. The manager said that apparently we were in an area that was “closed”. This is unacceptable, not to mention we were at the table next to the one we originally were assigned to, and the waiter was the one who assigned the new table. We just left, so you could imply that our experience wasn’t the best. Now to talk about pricing,the food prices I’d say are normal, but of course that depends on what you think. Appetizers are around $10-12. Entrees, not counting steak, are $15-25. These prices I’d say do match the quality of their food. The other times I’ve been to BJ’s, the food has been prepared genuinely  well. I wouldn’t call it delicious, but it is simply okay. The food itself is worth coming back for. The restaurant is pretty clean, but the only thing is that they should clean more often is their menus, or they could replace the ones that are falling apart.

     2.Red Robin 

Red Robin is an American restaurant that focuses mainly on burgers. This restaurant is near BJ’s, so you couldsay they’re high competition. In my opinion, Red Robin is better. The service is better, there is a better quality of food, about the same pricing, it is less busy, etc. I’d say the service was okay, I mean it is definitely better than BJ’s for sure. Our server never checked on us or asked if we needed anything, but he did bring us the correct order. So, overall they did a good job when it comes to service. Moving on to pricing… since they serve mostly 

burgers, wings, and what you would call “fast food,” pricing is reasonable. It is actually really similar to BJ’s, except BJ’s is not worth paying, unlike Red Robin. The price range is around $10-15 for almost everything. The quality of the food is great, you could order anything on the menu and you would be satisfied.

Whether it’s burgers, wings, you name it! Everything was overall really clean, bathrooms, tables, etc. They gave us a table right away, and we didn’t even have to wait a minute. Same goes for the food, we only had to wait around ten minutes for it to be ready. Concluding, Red Robin is a pretty good restaurant and if you’re looking around, deciding whether you want BJ’s or Red Robin, I’d definitely choose Red Robin. If you feel like you want a mostly American restaurant here’s the restaurant for you! 

  1. Sneakers American Grill 

I know, a lot of American restaurants, but I’ll be moving on shortly because this is the last one. But I just had to do a review on this one because I loved it. Sneakers is an American grill located in downtown San Carlos. The location is good since it is near many things. Sneakers is surrounded by stores, and plenty of other restaurants, which, if you change your mind (which is highly unlikely) you may go to. The service in sneakers is wonderful. They constantly ask you if you need anything, talk to you in a nice way, and they check on you often. The service is what makes you want to come back. The pricing is decent, nearly the same as BJ’s or Red Robin. However, of course, the service and quality of the food is incomparable to those two. Talking about food, I was about to say that the best part about this restaurant is the food. The food is the reason I wrote about this restaurant, and I am well aware that I should title this “American Restaurants in The San Mateo County”. The food at Sneakers makes you want to come back, because it gives you that taste that makes you express the way you feel about the food. With food that makes your mouth melt, it’s exactly the restaurant you should go to. The one bad thing about it is that most of the restrooms are out of order, so you’d have to go somewhere else to wash your hands after eating your food. But the tables were not dirty at all, and everything seemed to be clean. You would assume that since I speak so highly about this restaurant there should be wait time, but no. There was little to no wait time, and the food seemed to come pretty quickly. There is a tv in your table so give a check to entertainment because they did a good job on that. Overall, this is definitely a restaurant I would go to again. It did an amazing job at all the things needed to make a restaurant a restaurant.


  1. Sam’s Chowder House 

Sam’s Chowder House is a seafood restaurant best known for its famous lobster, along with many other amazing dishes. Sam’s is actually rated the best seafood restaurant in California, and I can’t disagree! People all over California come to Half Moon Bay just to enjoy food from Sam’s. So, we know by now that Sam’s 

has excellent food quality possible. But what about service? Pricing? Environment? Well, to the service I can’t complain at all. We couldn’t deny that our server was amazing when we went there, she was kind and would always smile, even if customers annoyed her; I mean, the customers annoyed me. Of course, since it’s one of the best restaurants in California, pricing isn’t going to be that cheap. But for food so good, I’d say it’s worth it. All prices for entrees are from $15-35 and appetizers are less than that. The environment was loud, but this is because the restaurant is so full due to its popularity. We’re actually really lucky that we got seated right away, because that is thoroughly rare. It was probably because we came at 4pm, yet it was still super crowded. Overall, I can tell you that this restaurant does deserve it’s title as the “Best Seafood Restaurant in California”. I’d definitely come to this exceptional restaurant if you want great scenery, an ocean view, and tremendously delicious food to appreciate!


  1. Kobe Japanese Restaurant 

Kobe is an exotic Japanese restaurant located in the Edgewater Place Center, an area surrounded by places to eat dessert or have something to drink after savoring your meal. There’s also Lucky’s, a place to buy your groceries, not to mention it’s a place surrounded by the Foster City lagoons. I had to go there 

because Kobe sponsored my brother’s baseball team, so they invited us in. I’d say it was really crowded because of that, which is why the food took a while to come. But the service was still very good, which surprised me with so many people. Due to the tables being full, I would also say the environment was quite loud for such a small place. However, I can’t say this for every day and the food was exceptional! Kobe offers both cold and hot dishes, sushi, and more. If there’s one thing that I remember, it’s that there was a lot of variety of food to choose from, so for that, I believe that the food deserves five stars. Pricing was normal, $10-20 for most of the food, and it definitely fits the quality. In my opinion, if you live in Foster City and want something close to you, and makes it worth leaving your house, try Koba’s delicious food!