How To Maintain Good Grades

How To Maintain Good Grades

Jeremiah Pascual & Noman Fahim, Journalist

How To Maintain Good Grades

By Jeremiah Pascual And Noman Fahim

Maintaining Good Grades

Are you struggling to maintain good grades? Well, you came to the right article about maintaiImage result for good gradesning all A’s. One simple tip is to take around 15 minute breaks after each hour of studying or doing homework. Ways you can do this are watching YouTube or Netflix, walking around your house, eating, or practicing some of your hobbies such as drawing or playing an instrument. It is also very important that you attend all your classes to not miss any information. If you are struggling with a certain subject you can ask a teacher, friend, parent, or guardian. Don’t let your worries or anxiety drop your grade.


How To Stay Organized

Image result for organizedAlways make sure to stay organized for class. For example, use a student planner to write down your homework and you will never forget what your homework is. You can also organize your binder by separating your binder by subject. Another example is that you can make a separate folder for each class. You could also use sticky notes to remember your homework assignments, upcoming tests, quizzes, and more. Always double-check that you’ve completed all of your homework that’s due the next day. Also, take notes for anything that sounds important in class. Write down any questions you have for any assignment that you’re confused.

How To Improve Tests And Quiz Grades

Do you have trouble taking tests and quizzes? A tip for improving your test grades is that you should alImage result for improvementways study. Try to find a quiet place to study at, and make sure there are no distractions. You could go to a testing area in a local library. Also, organize your studying schedule. For example, set a timer for how long you want to study for, like an hour-long or maybe even five hours to study. Decide what you want to get done, then do it. What I mean is that you should study one topic at a time, and know how long you want to study that topic for. Also know how to take notes, because taking notes will improve your test-taking skills.

Conclusion/Information On The Authors

 Jeremiah and Noman gave you their most helpful tips they could think of to help you maintain good grades. They hope the best that you will maintain good grades throughout the school yeImage result for successar. Noman Fahim is currently an eighth grader, he loves to play games when he gets stressed out on homework, or he would also listen to music. To get a good grade, Noman would have to be organized, responsible and work hard to practice for any upcoming tests or quizzes. Lastly we have some context based on the authors. Noman had a 3.9 GPA average of the 2 years of being in middle school. Jeremiah Pascual is currently in eighth grade, who will soon be going into ninth grade. He loves to play basketball in his free time, his favorite video game is Overwatch, which he plays to relieve stress. Jeremiah maintained a 3.8 GPA in every year of his middle school life so far. Jeremiah and Noman know how hard test taking is and they are willing to share his tips to lead you to success.