8th Grade Girls Volleyball


Elexis Yang and Kyle Jiang

The current Bowditch 8A volleyball team consists of eleven players who have been playing volleyball all throughout middle school. Most of the players on the A team have played and been on the team all through middle school. Having won championships in seventh grade, the tightly bonded team is hoping for another win this year. The Bowditch 8B volleyball team also includes eleven players. Many of them on the team have played on a club team as well.



Kendall Lee is a Right side hitter on the Bowditch 8A volleyball team and she loves how volleyball can be very fun at the same time. Kendall’s advice for discouraged players is, “Don’t be let down by people who are better than you and only focus on yourself and your improvement.” She appreciates how the sport allows her to be with her friends and was especially happy when she made her first overhand serve over the net in 5th grade. She thinks she can improve on multitasking during the games and communicating with others.

Audrey Shao is a Setter on the Bowditch 8A volleyball team. She loves how everyone can bond and connect as a team. Her advice to people feeling discouraged by their mistakes is, “that flaws don’t define you as a player and that you should keep practicing.” Audrey played for a very competitive club called SF Tremors in the past season, and was so ecstatic when their hard work paid off and were invited to go to Junior Nationals. In order to get to Junior Nationals, a team must get first place at a national qualifier, or be one of the top teams in a league. She thinks volleyball helps your social skills and allows the player to work on teamwork, and encourages other people to try it out. 

Rachel Ma is an Outside hitter on the Bowditch 8A volleyball team and she loves the fun and exercise volleyball gives you. She thinks that it is very important yet hard to have the right form in order to improve your skills. “You can achieve this with repetition,” Rachel says. She has been playing with Redrock Volleyball Club since 6th grade but is planning on keeping her options open this year. Rachel’s team was also invited to participate in Junior Nationals with the top teams in the league.



Emily Ren is a Defensive specialist and Outside hitter on the Bowditch 8B volleyball team and she likes that you don’t have to run long distances like other sports. Emily played for SF Elite Volleyball Club last season and will most likely continue this year too. She says that teamwork is the key to success because you always have to be considerate of your teammates and how they feel.

Szerena Guggenheim is a Right side hitter and Defensive specialist on the Bowditch 8B volleyball team and enjoys playing with all of her friends. She used to play for 650 Volleyball Club in 6th grade. Szerena says that the hardest part of the sport is serve receive because, ”you have to be agile in order to get to the ball.” 

Nandita Paranjape is a Setter on the Bowditch 8B volleyball team and she likes how there is so much teamwork involved in playing the sport. Nandita used to play for Phoenix Rising Volleyball Club. She says that the only way to get better is to practice everyday. She has made many memories over the years of her volleyball experiences but the one memory that really stood out to her was when she made her first overhand serve in 7th grade.


School volleyball teams are very competitive and can be even more stressful than club teams. Playing for your school team can help with team building, communication, and staying active and healthy. This can also improve your time management skills. Starting at a young age helps kids improve their social skills by talking to unfamiliar peers and adults. Volleyball requires a lot of communication with others and quick thinking during out-of-system plays. This helps with hand-eye coordination and opposition. Volleyball is a very fun and educational sport that is beneficial for social skills and coordination.