Legend of the Suicide Bridge

Will the spirits of the bridge pull you through to their world?

Legend of the Suicide Bridge

Sarah Grover, Writer and Editor

Reclined in Pasadena, lies the Colorado Street Bridge. Driving on the 134 Freeway you can’t help but be amazed by the spectacular view of the bridge. Curving at the riverbed, it flaunts a very romantic charm. It’s especially irresistible at night when the lights make the bridge appear more alive. It is guaranteed to magnetize and attract whoever’s eyes catch it. However, once you’re on the bridge, you’ll notice a shift in energy and you’ll feel the hair on your back rise. You are not sure what it is,  but you suspect the bridge might have a dark history. And to your surprise, there is a twist to the Colorado Street Bridge. Well, believe it or not, it is better known as “The Suicide Bridge”.

You might be wondering- how did this beautiful bridge earn its nickname? During the great depression, people decided to end their lives on the bridge as they saw no other way to get their lives back on track. The first suicide happened in 1919 and more than 50 people committed suicide from it by 1932. In fact, it has been reported that more than 100 people jumped off the bridge during this time period.

One of the most famous urban legends of the bridge occurred when a construction worker accidentally toppled over the Suicide Bridge and head first into wet concrete that was down below. He was left to die in the quick drying cement, fusing with the b


ge forever. Some say that it’s false. Others say it’s true and that the worker is the main reason for the bridges hauntings.


More documented ghosts on the bridge include a man wearing wire-rimmed glasses, the leaping woman and a woman looking for

 her baby. The male spirit is supposedly silent. He walks the length of the bridge and disappears into the night. The leaping woman does exactly what it sounds like: She wears a robe, climbs over the rail and leaps into the night. She is often seen standing atop one of the parapets, vanishing as she throws herself off. Again, she seems silent. 


Lastly, the woman looking for her baby is unique among the spirits on the bridge. She is Myrtle Ward, a 22-year-old mother who took her life on May 1, 1937. Her husband left her and their newborn daughter, Jeanette. She became distraught and went to the bridge to die with her daughter. The woman threw the baby over the rail first and then she jumped to her death. Luckily, the baby landed in the thick branches of a nearby tree and reached the ground with only a few scratches. However, her mother wasn’t as lucky, which is why she’s seen haunting the bridge in search of her baby. Today, the woman appears in period clothing, asking people if they’ve seen her daughter. Out of all known spirits of the bridge, she’s the only one to speak.

The Bridge at Night

Although the Suicide Bridge is possessed with numerous spirits and has faced many deaths, it remains truly beautiful. The fact it is diabolically possessed does not compare to its true beauty. The Colorado Street Bridge used to be a part of route 66 from 1926 until 1940. On February 12, 1981, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places. As of today, the bridge seems to remain true to it’s hauntings.





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