Furries, taking over the uni-furce

Who is a furry and what are they doing?



A furry showing their fursuit

Balvir Singh and Tony Kim


Who is a fursuiter?

One of the most misunderstood communities in the world is the furry community, these furries dress up in Fursuits and disguise themselves with Fursonas, these furries also have anthropomorphic, or human abilities.

A person may want to become a furry, they may do it, however, there are usually two steps in this process that involves getting a Fursona and Fursuit. You may ask, what are these two terms? A Fursona is the character of a furry, mainly used as a way to roleplay, either online or in real life. Roleplaying is when you take the role of another animal or person and pretend to be that person, like personifying wolves, dogs, cats, lions, etc..  A Fursuit is worn by furry cosplayers and is essentially a custom-made, bipedal suit commonly resembling a certain animal, many of these suits resemble wolves, foxes, dogs, and large felines. After seeing a couple of Fursuits for yourself, you may want to buy one. However, full-body suits generally cost thousands of dollars. One was sold even up to $11,575 in cash that was reported as the “Angel Dragon” suit, beating the previous record of the $8,025 dollar Lavender Justin Bieber Corgi suit.


There are a handful of theories where furries came from, possibly around 32,000 years ago, where an artist made a drawing of an anthropomorphic animal, or that Walt Disney, a large animation company, invented furries (Mickey Mouse). This is all debatable, but what is more clear was that the first Furry Convention ever to emerge was Confurence 0 (pun intended), which took place in 1989, at Costa Mesa, CA. There was enough required interest in Anthropomorphic animals to even host this event in the first place. But where did this interest come from? That would be from another convention in the early 1980s, where a drawing of an anthropomorphic animal started a Discussion of anthropomorphic characters in science fiction novels.

Further Detailed Explanations

You may have remembered that the article mentioned “One of the most misunderstood communities in the world is the furry community…” at the very beginning. This is no mistake. The fact that people believe furries are only the product of sexual desires (This is considered “Yiffing”) is the result of a falsely informed campaign made by mainstream media outlets, their reputation is now ruined, and may never heal again. 

But this does not affect the furry community, and many furries believe they have found something that they belong in, worry-free about their dignity. Strike, a long-time furry, who was interviewed by CNN stated that “When they (Furries) put on the fursuit and they become somebody else, it is very liberating. You’ve sort of left behind that human person with all those inhibitions and problems. You become this kind of free spirit. You become somebody else who you’re not the rest of the time.” This kind of freedom provides protection from judgment from others, as proven by a scientific study that says that furries are seven times more likely to be trans-gender and five times more likely to identity to be non-heterosexual.

Obtaining a Fursuit

To create a Fursuit, You will need the patience to create and obtain resources, as putting a fursuit together takes time, from one week to six months for complex designs and, as stitching goes, it can be both from machine and hand. Many fursuit makers prefer stitching by hand, as it creates the desired stitch in a quirky position, but hand stitching paves the way for human error. Both techniques have their minuses and pluses. 


Angel Dragon: Fictional species that combines an Angel and a Dragon together.

Anthropomorphic: Human shapes and features.

Hybrid: Much like the Angel Dragon, Hybrids are a combination of animals.

Greymuzzle: An older furry, usually 30 years or above.

Confurence 0: The first Furry convention.

Mainstream Media Outlets: Influential broadcasting companies.

Fursona: The persona of an anthropomorphic artist/furry.

Roleplay: To act out or perform the role of a character.

Fursuit: A costume for people to perform in that represents the character (Fursona) in which they created. Styles can range from cartoon-like to realistic.


Overall, this article has explained the concept of furries, fursuiters, their motives, the truth about furries, and a short summary of how fursuits are made. We hope this article has explained to you well about the furry community, and that furries should no longer be viewed as sexual or psychologically dysfunctional, but as another normal community similar to how Star Trek and Star Wars fans have been normalized.




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