The G.O.A.T. of the Animal Kingdom

Farm Animal Series Ep. 1

The G.O.A.T. of the Animal Kingdom

Evelyn Su and Phoebe White

The G.O.A.T. of the Animal Kingdom

Phoebe White and Evelyn Su

Goats are unique animals. They can be whatever they want to be, they can wear super cute onesies, and scream really, really loud. They can be cute or scary, whatever the goats’ hearts desires. Surprisingly, they can eat poisonous plants, but not chocolate. They can annoy you, or help you relax. The abbreviation “GOATS” stands for the greatest of all time, which is exactly what goats are. Their milk is more nutritious than cows, they have 4 stomachs, they can remember their own name, and many more fun tricks.



Goats are adorable, but there is work and fun with owning a pet goat. They don’t need a lot of indoor space (4 or 5 square feet for pygmy goats, 10 or 15 square feet for an adult goat because they only sleep there), but they love to run around, so make sure there is enough space. Goats are very social creatures, so if you have only 1 they will be very loud because they are screaming for other goats to talk to (cute, isn’t it?), so they will be quieter if there are 2 or more.

Pros Cons
Pygmy goats only need 4’x5′ of space If you want a goat, make sure to get 2 because they are very social
Goats can eat plants that are poisonous to humans, but don’t feed them avocados Goats are very vulnerable to parasites, so they can become deathly ill very ill
Goats are adorable, how can you not want one? Goats are very noisy, so if you’re thinking of getting one make sure that people in your area will be OK with the noise



Poisonous Foods

Like some humans, goats are allergic to many foods. Even though goats are picky and hard to feed, they are also very useful in some ways. Goats can eat poison oak and ivy without affecting their health and their milk, even making humans who consume the substance more immune to poison oak. Goats will also stay away from foods that they do not like.


Pros Cons
They can eat poison oak and ivy without getting sick NO piedmont azaleas, poisonous to goats (looks alike)
Their milk is not toxic to us if they eat poisonous plants Can’t eat some leftovers humans might have, ex. Avocados, meat
IF the goat eats anything that they don’t like, you do not have to worry about it, they will avoid it by instinct Goats won’t eat food that has been stepped on or left out for a few days



Goat Yoga

Goat Yoga is a type of meditation used to relieve stress. The instructor of the class will let the baby goats loose and the baby goat will participate in activities that you do. Goat yoga is also very affordable, only $10-$30! This type of yoga was started by Lainey Morse, an owner of a farm. Currently, the waiting line includes 1,200 people. If you want to make “Instagram worthy” pictures, in some farms, there are special people just to do that!

Pros Cons
Helps increase flexibility and strength Very long wait for goat yoga
Decrease stress hormone levels MAY pee and/or poo on you
Improve respiratory, cardio and circulatory health Distracting 
Cheap, affordable $10-30 Goats will get your yoga mat dirty, usually mats supplied for you



Fun Facts


  1. Goats were one of the first animals to ever be tamed, over 9,000 years ago!
  2. Goats can learn their names, and will come to you when you call them, after lots of training.
  3. Goat pregnancy only lasts 5 months
  4. Goats are extremely picky eaters, they will not eat hay that has been walked on or left out for a day
  5. Goats love to climb, they will sometimes climb up a tree. Yes, goats in trees are a thing
  6. Goats have four stomachs, and one of them, the rumen, can hold up to 5 gallons of plants
  7. There are over 210 breeds of goats, and more than 450,000,000 goats in the world
  8. Surprisingly, goats were used for milk before cows were
  9. Female goats can weigh from 22 – 300 lbs, and male goats can be from 27 – 350 lbs
  10. Egyptian Pharaoh Cephranes loved goats so much, that he ended up being buried with 2,234 goats.
  11. Goats discovered coffee, their owners noticed them being energetic after eating the beans.
  12. The most a goat has ever sold for is $194,547.20
  13. Goats can have colors from pure black to a blue
  14. Goats have 15,000 taste buds
  15. Goats can stand a few minutes after they are born
  16. Goats only have bottom teeth. The top is just gums.