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NBA2k19 is a basketball game made by the company 2K. The first 2K ever was released on November of 1999. Since then, 2K has made 19 more games, each one featuring teams and players from the respective year. 2K19 is 2K’s last release, It came out on September 7, 2018. 2K19 has a lot of game modes and features that make the game more exciting.



MyCareer is a game mode where you create your own personalized character and experience a truly inspiring story. The first thing you do when creating a new MyPlayer, is choose its vitals (Name, Position, Archetype, etc.). The main plot of the game mode is, first, you are a foreign player that plays in China for a season. After a great season in China, you are sent to the G-League. After playing some games in the G-league, you finally sign with an NBA team of your choice. You get to sign deals with big companies like Gatorade, Foot Locker, and Nike. You can also personalize your player with tattoos, custom shirts, and even durags!



MyPark is a sub game mode inside the previously mentioned MyCareer. MyPark allows you to play with your friends. You can play 2v2s, 3v3s, and even 5v5s with your friends. Each one of your friends is going to have their own personalized MyPlayer. After playing games, you can even take a walk around The Neighborhood, which is a neighborhood where your player can freely walk around and meet with your friends.



Unlike the other game modes, this mode allows you to control a whole franchise instead of just a player. When creating a new MyLeague, you choose the team you wanna control, after that, everything is decided by you. Every draft pick, trade, signing, and game by your team is controlled by you. The objective of this game mode is to win a championship with your selected team. You can go up to the year 2080, so don’t worry if you can win a championship on your first year. This game mode focuses on the simulation part of the game.