Behruz Azimov, Journalist/Editor/Writer

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The New Playstation 5

The new PlayStation 5 will finally come, after waiting since November of 2014, the gaming console from Sony finally has a confirmed release date, November 2020. Everybody has been waiting for this new console and after 6 years, hopefully the wait was worth it. Here are the details for the new PlayStation 5 set to come out.

The new console, the PlayStation 5 is set to be released in November of 2020 by the tech giant Sony. It will cost 500 dollars at launch and is expected to drop 100 dollars for the Christmas sale that is going to happen 1 month after the official release of the console. A new feature will be added to the PS5 that will allow users to play games from the PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, and e

ven the PS vita. The only competition for this new console is Xbox’s new console that they said would be released. The name and official release date for Sony’s competitor is unconfirmed yet. Sony have said that this new console will bring out game-changing technology and it will start a new generation of gaming consoles.


There are many new features that will come with the PS5, including one that will let users to play games from earlier generations that were earlier only available on the old-school consoles. The new tech inside the new gaming console is top notch. It has a bespoke 8-core AMD chipset based on third generation Ryzen architecture, with a GPU taking the best bits of the Radeon Navi GPU family; a built-fo

r-purpose SSD storage system; 3D audio; backwards compatibility with PS4 games and PSVR hardware; 8K TV support, making this console very powerful with new generation technology. It is also going to have a whopping 8 teraflops.

Gamers have been waiting 6 years for this new console, and hopefully the wait and the price will be worth it for this “new-generation” console.