Shane Dawson

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Shane’s Childhood


Shane Lee Yaw had a tough time dealing with a lot of issues when he was young, as, he was mentally and physically abused by his alcoholic father, who later left the family. Shane went to Lakewood High School in Long Beach, CA, where he struggled with bullying for his weight problems.  While in this school, Shane began making videos with this friends and uploading them to YouTube.

Shane’s Career and projects


Shane first started creating videos in 2008 when he was 19,  his very first youtube video being, “Me and Kermit.” He then started gaining a lot of followers since then, he has 21 million subscribers on youtube at time of writing, along with a movie called Not Cool, in which starred (bring the cast list up here in the form of Bob Smith as John Mason)


People rated his movie a 4.5/10, it got a 14% on rotten tomatoes, and 1% on Metacritic.  Shane also has a song called “Superluv!” and a music video than makes fun of 2013 pop. Shane has made other songs with other bands: “Girlish body”, “The Vacation song”, and “You didn’t glow up”.  Only “Girlish body” and “You didn’t glow up” were made with Shane’s now, fiancee’ Ryland Adams.

Shane’s conspiracy theories


In January and February of (year) Shane had a big two part conspiracy theories where he tested out the theories of Apple iphones, Chuck ‘e Cheese, deep fakes, voice changers, and a friends story of abuse.  Shane first started making conspiracy videos around 2014-2015, but it went unnoticed until 2019. Some things he talked about, physical abuse, and threatens. People thought he should have done a more respectful video than mixing it in with conspiracies.

The Truth about Tana Con:

Shane did a series about a popular youtuber known as Tana Mongeau, when she attempted to create a convention based off of Vidcon after being kicked out 2 years ago.  Then she created a “Free” convention where people could meet other big youtubers and actors, based off her pettiness. Her event caused people to stand out in the sun for 8 hours with third degree burns, and kids getting trampled. Because of this, Michael (her old event planner) threatened to sue.


The Mind of Jake Paul:


This was his most hated series. He was exploring youtuber Jake Paul’s mind, since people would say he has “sociopathic tendencies.”  Shane got a lot of backlash for getting a therapist behind Jake’s back and making the series scary and making mental illness seem terrifying.

In conclusion, Shane still continues to put out content to make people laugh and be happy. He has helped many people through hard times, despite the controversial events.