Sea of Theives

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Welcome to the Sea of Thieves, where you plunder treasure chests, kill undead pirate captains, make deliveries for the merchant alliance, and become the most feared pirate in a seemingly endless ocean.


Sea of Thieves is an online open world multiplayer PvP (Player Vs. Player) game set in a vast ocean. You play as a pirate trying to make a life on the sea. To be able to play this game there are some basic rules and tips you need to know. The first thing you need to do is pick your gamemode and ship. There are two game modes available right now (there is a third on the way), Adventure, and Arena. Adventure is more for casual play, and fun experiences. Arena on the other hand is for battling other ships, and competing. I recommend adventure for anyone starting the game, and don’t feel pushed to move from adventure to arena, depending on the kind of player you are adventure might be better for you. Next you pick your ship, there are three kinds of ships, Sloop, Brigantine, and Galleon. The sloop is a small, stealthy, and nimble ship designed to be operated by one or two people, it has one sail, two canons, and two harpoons. The Brigantine is a slightly bigger ship with two sails, four canons, two harpoons, and is meant to be operated by two to three people. It is the fastest ship in the game. The galleon is the biggest and strongest ship in the game, while being noticeably bigger than the Sloop, it is still easily maneuverable. It is recommended that three to four people work together to sail this ship. It has three sails, and has a total of eight canons, and two harpoons.The next thing you need is other people, while playing by yourself is possible, it greatly limits the amount of things you can do, and overall isn’t as fun. If your friends have Sea of Thieves definitely invite them, but if they don’t, or they’re busy you can also choose to play with random people online. After you have all of the above, you’re ready to start sailing. When you spawn you will be inside of a bar. Feel free to look around, admire the details, and get a mug of Grog (beer). After you’re done looking around, exit the bar and look for your ship. It should be docked at a dock on the island. Before you leave walk around the islands beaches, there should be barrels scattered around, open them up and grab the stuff inside. This introduces you to the games most basic materials, wood, food, and cannonballs. Wood is used to repair holes in your ship, and your ship has a wood barrel of its own to store excess wood. Food, such as the principle banana, is used to heal yourself, and your ship once again has a barrel for food. There are 5 kinds of fruit in the game, and eating all five in one day will grant you an achievement. There are bananas which heal 10% of your health, coconuts which heal 20%, pomegranate gives 30%, mango 50%, and pineapple 100%. Besides the fruit you can kill animals to get food, such as pig, chicken, and snake meat. And lastly there is boss food. There are currently two bosses in the game, the Kraken, and the Hungering One (Megalodon). Both bosses randomly spawn next to your boat when youŕe sailing the seas. The Kraken sticks its tentacles above the water and you have to deal enough damage to each tentacle or else it will strike your ship, or pick up one of your crew mates. The Hungering One circles you ship, and you have to do as much damage as you can to its fin, if you don’t  do enough damage it will rush your ship and strike the underside, creating a ton of holes for you to fix. Killing to bosses will give you some of its meat, which healing properties are unknown. Wood is just wood, there are no special woods, you just use the wood to patch up your ship, pretty basic. As for cannonballs, there are 12 different kinds, one normal cannonball, and eleven cursed ones that have special effects, here’s a list of them.

  • There is the Anchor Ball, which when it hits a ship, changes the position of the ships anchor, if the anchor is up, it goes down, and vice versa
  • The Limpball breaks the legs of all nearby crew members
  • The Jigball forces players to dance for several seconds
  • The Rigging ball forces a ship to raise its sails, and temporarily locks them in that position for a while
  • The Peaceball temporarily disables all cannons on a ship
  • The Ballastball forces the ship to sail lower in the water, allowing holes at middeck to start leaking and makes the ship sink faster
  • The Barrelball locks all the supply barrels on a ship for a small amount of time
  • The Helmball limits the ships turning range, making it impossible for the other boat to make sharp turns
  • The Venomball poisons all crew members with an effect similar to snake spit
  • The Grogball cause the affected player to become extremely drunk, this forces them to vomit, and then distorts their vision, making it extremely hard to do anything
  • The Wearyball forces players to take a short nap, not allowing them to do anything until they wake up.


After you and your crew stock up your ship, look around the island for these three places, a small tent, a shack on a dock, and a creepy looking house

Image result for sea of thieves hoarderImage result for sea of thieves merchant allianceImage result for sea of thieves order of souls

These three places belong to the three guilds that you will earn money from. These are the Hoarders, the Order of Souls, and the Merchant Alliance. You can buy quests from each of these guilds. The hoarders grant you quests in which you have to find buried treasure and deliver it to them for money. The Order of Souls requests that you go out and hunt down undead skeleton captains, and collect their skulls for money. The merchant alliance asks that you make deliveries for them, or fulfill orders for them for, you guessed it, more money! Every time you complete a quest and sell your findings back to these guilds, your reputation will increase. Every five reputation levels you gain, you’re allowed to purchase a special pass for that guild. With the pass the reward for the quests will become more and more valuable, but so will the cost for the quests. Lastly you need to learn about battles, the only people you can fight are skeletons, and other players. Skeletons often wander around the sea in huge ships looking for victims. These undead ships are easily identified by their multicolored lights. There are also skeleton forts. These forts are big island protected by hordes of the undead. They have skull shapes clouds above them at all times.Image result for sea of thieves skull cloud If you look at the color of the skulls eyes, it will indicate whether the fort is under attack by another group of players. Green eyes means it is not under attack, and red eyes means it is. Once you defeat the skeleton captain inside the fort it will drop a key, use this key to open up the forts vault and reap the rewards of your struggle. Do beware because only one fort is available for loot at a time, so a lot of other players may be on their way as well. These are the basic guidelines of Sea of Thieves, now get out there, become a legend of the waves.