Family Friendly Restaurants

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If you’re looking for a place in San Mateo to take your kids to have fun, relax, and eat amazing food, than you came to the right article. Read on for your best options.


  1. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse  

BJ’s has a variety of food choices on their menu, Italian food, such as pasta, and American food, such as burgers and fries. They also have a large number of TVs, so you can watch sports at every angle. There is also fun for us kids at every booth, with mini ipads that have game’s that only cost one dollar. I would recommend the grass fed cheese burger, it is very juicy.

  1. Apple Fritters

Apple fritters is an American breakfast and lunch place where you are able to customize donuts and have burgers with them. When I went there I had a fun time looking at the donuts being made and the burgers as well I would recommend getting a cheeseburger with donut bun it gives you a taste of sweet and savory.


  1. The Counter San Mateo

The Counter is a restaurant where you are able to customize your own burgers, fries, and milkshakes. The burger’s have a variety of meats like turkey, grass fed beef, and cheeses such as american and cheddar. You have a choice of toppings for fries,  like parmesan and parsley. The milkshakes have many different flavors and toppings such as Oreo, Nutella, and Birthday Cake. Parents can have fun with the large amounts of wine and beer they have to offer. I would recommend the birthday cake milkshake, which makes you feel like it’s your birthday.


4.Red Robin

The restaurant Red Robin has a variety of bottomless foods such as  wings, fries, and drinks, both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. Red Robin also serves Italian pasta, such as spaghetti and chicken parmesan. What Red Robin is well known for are there burgers; some of them include the bacon cheeseburger, the grass fed cheeseburger, and the chili cheese burger, which as it name implies, has chili cheese on it. I would recommend the grass fed burger, but that’s because I like to keep it simple.



Although the international house of pancakes aka IHOP focuses on mainly breakfast it’s food will make you want to come back for more. Obviously their main food is pancakes which I believe are delicious. IHOP has a variety of pancakes such as cinnamon flavor and for a limited time during christmas you can even get grinch flavor pancakes. Aside from pancakes IHOP also has hashbrowns and bacon which are both side dishes that you can add with the pancakes. IHOP has burgers which are subpar but there drinks like hot chocolate and coffee are amazing. I would recommend cinnamon pancakes with a side of hashbrowns and a warm cup of hot chocolate