Mountain BIking

Jamison Chow, Journalist

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Mountain biking breaks down into five or more categories.  

Xc, Trail, Enduro, Downhill, and Freeride.   These are some of the main categories so some may not be covered.     


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XC or Cross Country – This is the Olympic side of the sport it is a section of mountain biking is generally lighter trail with less technical sections.  XC bikes are the lightest of mountain bikes usually make out of carbon fiber and have low travel suspension with 100 mm on suspension or less. These bikes have no rear suspension to save weight and is not needed due to less chunky terrain.  You can see some of these races if you search olympic mtb on youtube. One example would be



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Trail mountain biking is your casual ride on a trail.  They are built to climb for your decent. They have 120 or more in suspension.  Trail bikes are meant for bigger obstacles than xc bikes. They are very capable.  Trail riding is casual and usually not a race. One example would be



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Enduro is a mix between trail and downhill riding.  Enduro racing is a series of timed stages. They are only allowed 1 bike in most races with no outside assistance mechanical, strategy, or food.  The courses are natural and mostly downhill. They can vary from short sprints to tricky technical sections. These bikes typically have 140 to 170 mm for suspension, 27.5 or 29 in tires, and big discs for brakes.  One example would be 6lf6 myAA.



Downhill bikes are designed for big obstacles such as drops and big jumps.  The

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se are designed for speed and have a long and low style for a bike. They have a lot of suspension a commonly seen fork has about 203mm.  DH bike are meant for bike parks or pure downhill. They have powerful brakes, lots of travel and 27.5 or 29 in wheels. One example would be 6lf6 myAA.  This video is recorded in whistler mountain bike park for mountain biking and skiing .   



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Freeride is downhill but in sections.  Riders do tricks on jumps and drops on small section of downhill.  They have large gear range unlike downhill but have the same amount of suspension.  They allow the rider to go uphill and downhill with the only with the compromise of weight.This video is part of red bull rampage to show you what some freeride looks like