Rainbow Six Siege

Samuel Johnson

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Rainbow Six Siege or R6 for short is a multiplayer first person team based tactical shooter produced by Ubisoft with around 35 million people playing on Xbox, PS4, and PC. There is a variety of game modes including Secure Area, Hostage, Bomb, and custom games all of which you can play with your friends and have a fun time.



In this game there is a variety of playable characters or as called in the game operators with a variety of gadgets. Operators are split up into seasons so far there’s been three seasons with the fourth close approaching. In each season there is operations which bring upon 2 new operators each season has four operations. In this article I will inform you about Rainbow Six Siege’s top five operators to use to get that win.

1) Hibana

Operation: Red Crow

Gadget: X Kairos Launcher

How To Use: Hibana is a what you would call a breacher her gadget helps you push the objective when walls or doors and makes the defenders on edge.

Primary Weapons: Type 89 (Assault Rifle), Supernova (Shotgun)

Secondary Weapons: Bearing 9 (submachine gun)

Stats: She is a (max) 3 speed and 1 (minimum armor) operator. The Type 89 hits for 40 damage. The Supernova hits for 41 damage. The Bearing nine hits for 33 damage.


2) Jager

Operation: White Noise

Gadget: Active Defence System

How To Use: Jaeger’s gadget is able to intercept incoming grenades or smoke screens the best place to put these are close to door or anywhere that the attacker cannot see and destroy


Primary Weapons: 416-C (Carbine) M870 (Shotgun)

Secondary Weapon: P12 (Pistol)

Stats: He is a (max) 3 speed and 1 (minimum) operator. The 416-C hits for 42 damage. The M870 hits for 57 damage. The P12 hits for 43 damage




Gadget: ee-one-d drone

How To Use: Lion’s gadget is a drone that scans the whole map for enemy movement it is best used when rushing or helping your teammates out when they are trapped in a room and since you can only use it three times and it only last six seconds you have to use it in dangerous situations.

Primary Weapons: V308(Assault Rifle) 417(Marksman Rifle)

Secondary: LFP 5(Revolver)

Stats: He is a (Medium) 2 speed and 2 armorer operator his V308 hits for forty eight damage and his 417 hits for sixty two damage and his  LFP 5 hits for 68 damage.



Operation: Health

Gadget: Signal Disruptor

How To Use: Mutes gadget is able to stop incoming attackers gadgets and attackers drones the best way to use the signal disruptors is to put them at entrances of the objective or a strategic spot that you are holding down. You are limited to only four of these so you have to use them wisely.

Primary Weapons: MP5K(smg) 591A1(Shotgun)

Secondary Weapons: Mac 11 (Automatic Pistol

Stats: He is a (Medium) two speed and two armorer operator his MP5K hits for thirty eight damage and his 591A1 hits for sixty eight damage and the Mac-11 hits for 25 damage.



Operation: Blood Orchid

Gadget: Candela

How To Use: Yings Candela is able to shoot out multiple concussion grenades out at all directions it blinds the enemy for a good six seconds it is best used  when pushing the objective or when an enemy has trapped you in a room or corner you are limited to four of these and are able to throw and plant them as traps for defenders.

Primary Weapons: T-95 LSW(LMG) SIX12 SD(Automatic Shotgun)

Secondary Weapons: Q-929(Pistol)

Stats: She is a (Minimum) one speed and three armor (Max) her T-95 LSW hits for forty three damage and his SIX12 SD hits for thirty five damage and the Q-929 hits for fifty two damage