Detroit: Become Human

Marie Ishida

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By Marie Ishida

Detroit: Become Human is an adventure game created on May 28, 2018 by Quantic Dream and directed by David Cage. The game takes place in the year 2038, in which humanoid androids have been created by the company CyberLife to help people work efficiently. In the game, you play as three separate androids: Kara, who works for a man named Todd Williams who lives with his daughter Alice; Markus, an android who helps take care of a painter named Carl Malfred; and Connor, who is the latest android designed to help solve crime with the help of Lieutenant Hank Anderson.

In the game, the player rotates from one android to another in each chapter. The player, as Connor, interrogates androids who have gone “deviant” or have broken out of their programmed behavior. The game then shows how the deviancy of the androids is affecting many people, and depending on the player’s choices, the outcomes will differ. One android’s decision can affect the others’ actions and outcomes. The androids’ paths may intersect depending on the player’s choices. Below, (from top to bottom) are Kara and Alice, Markus, and Connor.

The “best” ending that players can get is when the androids obtain freedom and equal rights. Kara will end up escaping to Canada with Alice along with several other androids. Markus will lead a large group of androids to peacefully protest against the government. Finally, Connor will become good friends with Hank and help Markus guide the androids to freedom. On the other hand, the “worst” ending in the game is to have Kara, Alice, and Markus die, while having CyberLife take full control of the androids. Connor will kill all other deviant androids, and Hank will be angered by Connor’s actions.


Interestingly, the story in game continues even if one of the character “dies,” which is why there is no “game over” screen. There are over 100 endings, which bring players to play the game multiple times. The game has been praised for its amazing story and visuals. It has been nominated for 37 awards and has won 10 awards. For example, it has won the award RPG of the Year for the Australian Games Awards.