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Bowditch’s Fiddler On The Roof took place at the Bayside Performing Arts Center on March 9th and March 10th. The show consisted of 28 cast members, 21 Bowditch students in the Orchestra Pit, and 23 Crew members. You can find the full list at the end of the article.


What The Play Is About

Fiddler On The Roof is about life among the Jewish community of a pre-revolutionary Russian village. A poor milkman named Tevye is determined to find good husbands for his five daughters he consults with the traditional matchmaker. While consulting the matchmaker his daughters start to fall in love with other man. Although Tevye resents the marriages he learns to accept it later on. At the end of the play after the marriage of one of his daughters named Tzeitel all of the Jewish people of the community where forced to leave. This is significant to us eighth graders because where learning about the Holocaust and the oppression of Jewish people.  


Pre Show

We received backstage press privileges, so we could get some inside information on the play. We arrived one hour before the play started, and got to see them rehearse for the show. We also had the opportunity to go backstage to the greenroom, to see the cast members and where they get ready.



The show was amazing! The actors showed dedication and hard work in their performance. The orchestra band also did amazing. The production of the show was on point too. Daniel Shapiro, who played Tveya really stood out, especially in the song “If I Were A Rich Man”. He portrayed his character very well. Keiko Laird played Hodel, one of Tevye’s daughters. She sang and danced with a lot of passion. Eddie who played Perchik showed lots of emotion and was excited, he also had amazing makeup.



After show we had the opportunity to interview some cast members.

Arjun- 1. Q: What made you wanna tryout/audition for the play?

    A: I did a musical over the summer and I wanted to do it again

  1. Q: Were you excited, happy, or nervous during the play?

              A: pretty chill

  1. Q: How is it like to be part of the play and production?


A: It was really fun, I made some new friends and I love singing

Noah- 1. Q: Were you nervous or excited on stage/during the play?

              A: It’s kind of exciting, but like the beginning of the show seeing the big audience and stuff, it gets kinda nervous

  1. Q: How did It feel to be part of the show?

              A: It’s a good vibe being around all the people, everybody supporting you and like being around people that you work with

  1. Q: What made you wanna tryout for the play?

              A: I’ve always liked performances like this, where you’re infront a lot of people. I did it in 6th grade, Beauty and The Beast, but then I didn’t do it in 7th grade, because I just felt like taking a year break, and then I did it this year because all my friends were doing it

Sophia- 1. Q: How was it like to be part of the show?

                A: It was really fun, since this was my first show I felt like a lot of people had the past experiences [of being in a show] and they still welcomed me  in and made me feel like I was part of the family

  1. Q: How was it like working with your friends?

                 A: Really good because I already had a great relationship with all of them and now our relationships are getting even better because of the play.

  1. Q: What made you wanna tryout for the play?

                 A: Everyone was telling me that I would be good as Tzeitel, so I just, went at it

Daniel- 1. Q: What was It like being part of the show?


                A: Well, It was fun, and It was mostly because of the cast, they really helped me.

               Q: Were you nervous or excited on stage?

               A: I was nervous and excited at the same time because you’re acting in front of a huge audience but then again I don’t get nervous on stage in front of people.

              Q: How was it like being the main character?

              A: It felt like, kind of really cool that I am the main character, and It’s just really cool

              Q: What made you wanna audition?

A: I don’t know but It’s like you know, fiddler on the roof is a very symbolic and meaningful musical for jews in general and judaism, and like, I grew up watching fiddler on the roof, and I thought that I could maybe audition


Overall Review


The Bowditch production of Fiddler On The Roof JR was an amazing play that was so much fun to watch!  The play taught us a lot about the past and what we should do different in the future. Props to the actors for working hard and sacrificing their own time to make this play happen. We would definitely see this play again. We would give it five out of five stars.


Cast List


Tevye’s family Tevye Daniel Shapiro
Golde Maya Sanchez
Tzeitel Roni Benjamin
Hodel Ashlyn Tsui
Chava Keiko Laird
Motel Preston Sanderville
Fyedka Rushaad Mistry
Bielke Alina Shah
Sprintze Calissa Wong
Perchik Eddie G.
Villagers Fiddler Nicole Thomas
Fruma-Sarah/Villager (F) Ashley Pedro
Grandma/Villager (F) Michelle Aftosmis
Yente Sophia Smith
Lazer Wolf Noah Itzkovitz
Constable Taj Sandretto
Rabbi Noah Khalil Sanchez
Avram/ Canopy Nidhi MP
Mendel/ Canopy Sakura Imai
Mordcha/ Canopy Arjun Mehendra
Yussel/ Canopy Mikaela George
Bottle Dancer/ First Man Villager (M) Haroshun McDermott
Bottle Dancer/ Second Man Villager (M) SriLakshmi Anbarasan
Bottle Dancer/ Another Man Villager (M) Divsheen Kaur
Bottle Dancer/ Motel’s Father Villager (M) Cherry Anamala
Bottle Dancer/ Villager (M) Aishani Chowdhury
Preist/Villager (M) Sammy LaChapelle
Villager (M) Caden We
Villager (First Woman) Jessica Ding
Villager (Second Woman) Mia Weinberger
Villager (Third Woman) Momoka Dhanuwidjaja
Villager (Motel’s Mother) Alison Yen
Villager (F) Camryn Woo
Villager (F) Phedre Perkins
Villager (F) Tillie Beck
Villager (F) Ella Oddo
Villager (F) Bisou Sep
Villager (F) Berry Bensadon
Villager (F) Alexis Hom
Villager (F) Amit Shilon
Villager (F) Sophia Chu
Villager (F) Katelyn Ko
Villager (F) Amulya Uppar
Villager (F) Anabella Lew
Russian Soldiers Sasha Alex Zhao
Russian Soldier (First) Lindsey Singer
Russian Soldier (Second) Chloe Rodriguez
Russian Soldier Stella Ward
Russian Soldier Naomi Schwartzer




Lily Bernard, Maylin Chio, Lian Cualoping, Tanishqa Dasgupta, Akul Dhawan, James Doss, Kenneth Eng, Rebekah George, Naina Ghiwane, Szerena Guggenheim-Schoening, Emily Ishikawa, Alayna Jordan, Elliot Kim, Amy Lew, Khushi Parikh, Sam Roth Sivan Sarig Ruhi Sathe, Kali Shih, Violet Tam, Hikari Tsukada, Akari Tsukada, Hailey Wallweber, Nina Wang, Phoebe White


Chamber Orchestra Student Band:

Violin:  Carissa Yang, Semhar Stewart, Elena Liu, Bonnie Huang, Lillian Chu, Angela Zhang, Claire Cheung, Sonia Wu

Viola:  Kelania Phanthavong, Stephanie Liu, Sonia Wu

Cello:  Brian Chen, Carolyn Mish, Charlie Tong, Maiya Isomastu, Yuka Fuduka, Allison Zhu, Jennifer Kao, Jessica Yang

String Bass: Derek Nan, Caitlin Kaliski