Amazing New Inventions of 2018

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Amazing New Inventions of 2018

Jessica Li, Publisher

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Everyone loves new inventions. They make life easier and sometime fun. But many cool inventions go unnoticed, and I going to introduce you to some of them. Here are ten amazingly cool inventions.


  1. Levitating Desk Lamp

Flyte is a wireless light bulb that floats in the air over a wooden block. Inside the block are magnets that allow the light bulb to levitate. This awesome light bulb uses a small amount of energy to light up and when used 6 hours a day, can last 22 years.

  1. “Smart” Jacket with a Built in Heater

The Flexwarm jacket is an awesome garment that you will want on a cold day. There are special heating elements in the back, wrists, and chest. You can adjust the heat output on your phone. This jacket will definitely be appreciated during cold winter days.


  1. 2-in-1 Rollers and Skateboards

Sidewinding Circular Skates are unlike normal skateboards in many ways. For one, they are more like skates, with one circle around each foot. These skates allow you to freely use your legs and turn. Its an awesome use of transportation that is fun and fast.

  1. Video Recording Contact Lense

It’s really burdening to have to hold up a phone just to take a video, or a picture.

Now, Sony has created video recording contact lenses that can take a video just by winking. This lense know human blinking patterns and will know when you need to turn the video recording off or on. This could help with recording important events without having to hold up a camera.


  1. Bedside Table Food Tray

Everyone loves breakfast in bed. Well this bedside table means you can have breakfast in bed everyday! Just move the tray off the table and in front of you, then eat. It’s that simple.

  1. Contact Lenses that Adjust to Light

These contact lenses use a photochromic additive that adjusts the amount of visible light filtered to the eye according to the amount of ultraviolet light. As a result, these contacts will darken in bright sunlight and become normal as people return to darker settings.


  1. A More Versatile Prosthetic Leg

This Prosthetic leg allows people to walk and swim smoothly. This is the world’s first 3D printed leg that will help many people chase their  dreams.


  1. The Reverse Microwave

This awesome new microwave can freeze your drinks and food on a super hot day. Perfect for summer. It only takes a matter of minutes before you taste the sweet cold drink while sitting in the sun.

  1. Smart Glasses

These glasses have microphones and even a video camera. Now you can go around taking videos without having people stare at you because you’re wearing all this equipment.


  1. Wristband That Tells Whether You’re Too Drunk to Drive

Everybody knows the dangers of driving when you’re drunk. Now, with this new wristband, you can figure out if you’re in danger and call a taxi or uber. This wristband will definitely help lower the number of car accidents.


Now that you know how amazing these inventions are, maybe you can try them out. You might even be inspired and create your own invention. Thanks for reading, and have fun!