Sabrina The Teenage Witch

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The origins of Sabrina The Teenage Witch came from the Archie Comics. The creators introduced her in October, 1962. Her character was created by writer George Gladir and artist Dan DeCarlo. They first started to introduce her in the elementary comics Little Archie, and the line they used in almost all of the Little Archie comics was “Sabrina–That cute little witch.” Sabrina’s town, Greendale, is right next to Archie’s town Riverdale.


Who is Sabrina and what is her life like?


Sabrina is a half witch; her mother is mortal and her father is a warlock. They both died in a supposed car crash, but no one knows if this is actually the true cause of their death. After they died she was passed onto her two aunts, Hilda and Zelda Spellman. In the comics, Hilda and Zelda don’t have a job, but in the new netflix show The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, they own a funeral home. Sabrina also has a cousin named Ambrose. In the comics, Ambrose does not live with them, but in the Netflix series he does.  Sabrina has a boyfriend named Harvey Kinkle, who, like Sabrina’s friends, is completely oblivious to the fact she is a witch. Lastly, Sabrina has a cat named Salem. Salem was once a warlock, but he attempted world domination. He was then turned into a cat as punishment. Salem was named after the 1600’s Salem Witch trial.

Shows and Creators


The very first Sabrina show started in 1970 as a cartoon and it ended in 1974 with only 1 season and 30 episodes. They then, from 1974, continued from the 70’s to the 2000’s, although no one can find the 80’s show online; you can still find the 70’s, 90’s, and 2000’s shows on amazon. The new 2018 show airs on Netflix.


1970’s Sabrina The teenage witch- The very first show ,aired by CBS, was based as “boy-oriented” and superhero based. It even includes small amounts of horror, spells, and monsters.


1990’s Sabrina- This Sabrina, acted by Melissa Joan Hart, was a live action version and not a cartoon, it also contained more of a teenage life instead more or so a witch/magical based show, but definitely still has the magical shenanigans that are in the new Netflix series. The show ran for 7 seasons and even got a soundtrack.

2013 Sabrina-  This show had CGI animation, which was produced by Moon Scoop, with newer, updated characters. The Hub picked up the series, which continues to run to this day.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina- This is the newer Sabrina, where it’s scarier and more satanic than the other previous shows. This newer show has only one season. It started in 2017 and while be running for a while.

In conclusion, Sabrina’s universe has come a long way from the comics to the TV shows.