Most Popular Names of 2018

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Most Popular Names of 2018

Simone Halpin, Journalist

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       Names. We all have one. In some cases, people have more than one. They are important to our everyday lives and help us keep track of our friends and family, or that celebrity on TV who you love. Some names are more common than others, so you might meet people with those names more often, like you might know three Justins. This article discusses the most popular names of 2018 and what they mean.


Girl Names

       Number five is Ava, with a Hebrew origin. The meaning of the name Ava, is “living one,” and the name has had a great boost of popularity since 2014. You may have heard of these Avas – Ava Max, Ava Foley, and Ava Gardner.


       The fourth most popular name of 2018 was Emily. The background of this name is Germanic, and it means “striving and eager.” This name has been popular since the 1970’s, and some famous people with this name, are Emily Deschanel, Emily Dickinson, and Emily Blunt.


       Up at number three, was Isla. Isla means “Island” or “beautiful,” and has a Scottish background. It has been gaining popularity since 2016, and some famous Islas are Isla Fisher and Isla Stanford.


       The second most popular name of 2018 was Amelia. This Latin name means “industrious” and “striving.” It has been popular for a long time, even before Amelia Earhart.


       Now, the most popular girl name of 2018, was Olivia. The origin of this name is Greek, and it means “olive branch,” symbolising peacefulness. This name has been popular since the 1960’s, and has always been in the top ten since then.


Boy Names

       The fifth most popular boy name of 2018, was Noah. Noah has a Hebrew background, and it means “rest and comfort.” This name has been popular since 1990, and it has been very close to number one since 1998. You may have heard of Noah Centineo and Noah Schnapp.


       Up one at number four, was the name George. This Greek name meaning “farmer,” was a hit during the 1880’s, and has only slightly lost its popularity. Some famous Georges, are George Washington, George Clooney, and young Prince George of England.


       Number three was the name Jack. This name has an English origin and means “man of high class.” This name has kept it’s popularity since 1899. Some well known Jacks, are Jack Avery, and Jack Dylan Grazer.


       Almost to the top at number two, was the name Harry. It has a Germanic background and means “power.” It gained its fame in 1890, and it has kept a steady pace since then. Some recognised Harrys’ are Harry Styles, Harry Houdini, and Harry Kane.


       Finally, the most popular boy name of 2018 was Oliver. Similar to Olivia, it means “peaceful.” It is Latin, and has been popular since 1994, but has had a serious boost in fame since then. You may know these Olivers: Oliver Sykes, Oliver Phelps, and Oliver Hudson.


 Do you know anyone with any of these names? Be sure to tell them that they are in the top five most popular names of 2018!