Community Service Hours

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Community Service Hours

Simone Halpin, Journalist

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       Community Service is a great way to explore your interests and help out. It is a requirement for some high schools, and a few even demand a specific number of hours. This article covers the basics of community service, and what you can do to acquire hours.


Why Community Service?

Community service has three main benefits:

  • Psychological
  • Social, and
  • Cognitive.

       The Federal Government’s Corporation for National Community Service found that people who volunteer often (about 2 hrs a week) live longer and experience better physical and mental health, which are psychological benefits.


       Community Service also creates a sense of Social Responsibilities, such as helping others. Social volunteering provides emotional support and assistance, and can improve your mood and mental health.

       Some Cognitive benefits of community service, are that “volunteering helps students enhance their personal knowledge, grow from new experiences, and develop better interpersonal communication skills.”


       The question is, how can community service hours be completed? Here are some examples of activities that qualify as community service.


  1. Tutoring Children

If tutoring children seems like an enjoyable way to spend your hours, you may want to see what can be done to start. First, talk to your principal about it, and then they may contact students or other schools to see who needs some extra help in a subject. Then, you can arrange to meet the student at their house, or a public place like a library or cafe. This is also a good choice for you if you like working with kids and being social.


  1. Volunteering at a Home for the Elderly

You should first contact your principal or the staff of the Elder’s Home, to see if it is available to volunteer. Then you can complete tasks or errands for the elderly, such as reading to them, bake for them, or even host a weekly bingo night at the Home. A local elderly home is Atria, in Foster Square or Hillsdale.


  1. Volunteering at an Animal Shelter

This is a great choice if you enjoy helping and working with animals, especially ones that have ended up at a shelter. You should always contact your principal or a teacher to see if these community service hours will count towards your record.  Then, after finding a local animal shelter, you can go in and ask about what you need to do. This job will help keep animals healthy, and even get adopted, lessening the yearly rate of animal put-downs. You can volunteer at the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA.


  1. Pet-Sitting

I you can take care of animals independently and are trustworthy, people may let you pet-sit their animals. This is when the owners are away or can’t take care of them for a period of time, and they hire you to watch over their pets. You may have to walk, feed, or groom the dog, so you should be prepared and could ask for a list of the needed activities from the owner.


  1. Donations

If you do not want to complete your community service by doing activities, then you might want to donate. You could donate clothes to homeless, money to charities, or to a local cause to get something needed for your community. Donations support causes that people believe in, and they also have a positive effect on their behavior and emotions.


       Overall, Community Service is very beneficial to the community, and your mental health. It increases positive behavior, while making you feel good about yourself. Community Service helps make the world a better place, for people, animals, and the ecosystem. Consider volunteering today.