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What is Real Royale?

The Basics


Realm Royale is a 100 player PVP (player vs player). This game came out during the summer of 2018, June 5th. Realm Royale might seem like another average battle royale at first, but as you start learning more features of the game, it gets more interesting and more interesting.

The Classes


One unique thing about Realm Royale are the classes. At the start of every game, you get to choose one out of the five classes, the classes not only change the look of your player, but they add different abilities. Here are all the classes and the unique things about them.


1- The Warrior

  • Good for gaining health passively
  • Good for playing more passively and not attacking as much
  • His best ability, is the heroic leap, this spell or ability allows you to leap forward and move faster around the map.
  • The heroic spell is also good for when you are in the middle of a fight and you are low in health and you need to escape quickly

2- The Engineer

  • Good for controlling the battlefield.
  • Good for taking advantage of opponents weaknesses and good for tactical players
  • His special ability allows him to go up into the air quickly and gain high ground over other, slower players

3-  The Mage

  • Good for offensive players
  • Good for defensive players
  • Overall the most complete class
  • His special ability, Soar, allows you to move quickly through the air for a short period of time while being less visible than usual
  • Makes all potions and shields 30% more effective

4- The Hunter

  • Similar to the Mage in the way that it takes a little bit of everything
  • Faster reload speed and weapon swapping on all weapons
  • His ability allows him to roll out in a direction of your choice making their hitbox smaller, therefore, making them harder to hit.
  • Another special ability you can use is a blast shot which will let you fire an explosive weapon in the touch of a button

5- The Assassin

  • The Assassin is best for players that want to take full advantage of their skills without using their powers
  • The Assassin is the fastest class out of all of them
  • His special ability is similar to his normal power. It allows you to travel a short distance without being seen.
  • This is good for fights when you are in low health
  • The Assassin’s signature weapon is the sniper rifle

That’s all you need to know about Realm Royale if you want to start playing. Good Luck!

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