Team Fortress 2

Gabriel Wong, Editor

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Team Fortress 2


Team Fortress 2 was a first-person shooter game developed by Valve in 2007. The game was the sequel to the game Team Fortress Classic, released in 1999. Upon looking at images from trailers, it is almost impossible to tell if they are even from the same game series. The game has many differences with the original, but the most important thing is the art-style. It has stood the test of time, with over a decades worth of experience. Team Fortress 2 also has a huge variety of weapons for each of the nine classes. Each of the nine classes have their own niche that they fill which is all equally important.


The Scout is the fastest class in the game. He specializes in flanking the enemy team and securing kills on important classes to help their team win the battle. Scout has a shotgun with 6 shots and 32 rounds, not including the 6 shots. The shotgun is most effective when you are near you enemy, connecting the most bullets. He also has a pistol for mid-long range to cover escapes or to harass the enemy from were they can’t effectively counter him. The Scout also has a melee, his baseball bat. It isn’t used often because of the effectiveness of his shotgun, but can be used when surprising an enemy when you are out of ammo. He also has a few other weapons that can totally change his playstyle


The Soldier plays an important part of the battle. Soldier is mostly for two things, protecting the flank or fighting in the main firefight. Soldiers main weapons of choice are his rocket launcher, shotgun, and shovel. The rocket launcher is relatively self explanatory, a rocket launcher with 4 shots at once and 20 rockets, but can be used for unconventional things. The shotgun is pretty simple. It is a burst damage gun, with 6 shots and 32 bullets not including the current 6, which is a better option at close range than his rocket launcher. The shovel is simply a slot filler and its alternates are where it shines.


The Pyro is a close-range combat class with tools to almost instantly vaporize his opponents. He uses his flamethrower to annihilate the enemies. Of course, the pyro has to get to close range first. The Pyro is a front line class, getting up in the enemies face, skillfully moving about so they stay just out of the way. Pyro is most likely one of the easiest classes to master, there are only one or two techniques that require practice or some sort of skill. The pyro can also “airblast” all projectiles, including arrows and rockets! This separates the good and bad pyros. However, the TF2 community ridicules the pyro mains because of their stereotypical lack of skill. His secondary is the shotgun, this is for when his enemies get close enough were the burst damage of the shotgun is more effective than the flamethrower. His melee is the his fire ax, which is for when his guns are too low and he need the reliable of the ax.


Demoman is the first class on the defense section of the roster. Demoman has his grenade launcher, sticky bomb launcher, and his bottle of Scrumpy (alcohol). His primary, the grenade launcher, fires bombs that detonate after a short timer or when they hit an enemy, whichever comes first. His secondary is the sticky bomb launcher, it plants bombs that can be detonated with the click of a button. They can be used to kill flanking classes trying to ambush enemies and getting picks on classes that don’t check their corners, because there could be sticky bombs there. His melee is for close combat for when he is too low on ammo to use his guns.


Heavy has the most health of all the classes, a whopping 300, and can mow down his enemies with his minigun. The minigun has 200 ammo and is one of the fastest firing weapons in the game. His high damage output is balanced out by his extremely slow movement speed. His secondary is the shotgun which is for close range reliable damage. He can fight his enemies without having to go through the entirety of the rev-up sequence of the minigun. His melee is simply the fists. They are not as weak as they seem and can secure picks on light classes.


The engineer is the token “building character” of TF2. He can make 4 buildings. He makes the sentry gun, dispenser, and the teleporter entrance and exit. All 4 of engineer’s buildings can be upgraded 2 times to level 3. The sentry gun, like the name implies, guards a single area. It has a range of 1024 hammer units, or around 8 yards. The level 1 gun is a simple rapid fire gun. The level 2 is similar to the Heavy, with dual miniguns. They do slightly less damage than the minigun itself but can mow down most classes relatively quick. The level 3 incorporates the Soldier’s rocket into the gun. They fire in bursts of four rockets, but they can be reflected by the Pyro. The Dispenser both heals and gives hp. The more levels it upgrades, the more ammo and health it gives. The teleporters are pretty self explanatory. The upgrades just lower the cooldown after each use. The Engineer has the shotgun, pistol, wrench, construction PDA, and destruction PDA.


The Medic’s main job is to heal his team and help them through pushes. He has 3 weapons, the Syringe Gun, the Medigun, and the Bonesaw. The Syringe Gun is his primary weapon but is rarely used. It does reliable damage but will not win medic most 1v1s. His secondary is his Medigun. The Medigun is the most important part of Medic’s kit. When you target a teammate, it heals them at a steady 10 health a second. Another mechanic is when the ubercharge gets to 100% he can activate temporary invulnerability. When healing someone both you and the person you are healing will become invulnerable.


Sniper is a long range pick class. This means that he can kill people from afar and secure important picks, such as medic or anchor classes. Sniper has three weapons his sniper rifle, smg, and kukri. His sniper rifle has a charge mechanic, which means that the longer he scopes in the more damage he does. His smg is good for when someone tries to ambush the sniper. His melee, the kukri is for when the Sniper needs to rush someone unexpectedly


The Spy is similar to the sniper. He is also a pick class, but is better suited for ambushes. He has 5 weapons, the Revolver, Sapper, Butterfly Knife, Disguise Kit, and Invisibility Watch. The revolver is good at killing opponents from far range and picking down their health. The Sapper is expressly for countering the Engineer. The spy can place the sapper on any of the Engineers buildings and it drains the buildings health. Once the sequence completes, the building will explode. The Engineer can remove the sapper with a few quick swings, so it’s best if you kill them first. The Knife is the Spy’s most important tool. Unlike the other classes, his knife is his main damage dealer. If you stab someone with it from behind, it is an instant kill. If they are not ubered, they will get backstabbed and killed. His Disguise Kit is equally important. He can change his looks to look exactly like any of the 9 classes, even the enemy team! If he attacks with a disguise, the disguise will wear off and he will look exactly like his original self once more. His watch can make him totally invisible for a certain period of time. However, he can still get damaged for the invisibility to flicker and he can’t attack during his invisibility. The spy specializes in quick kills and sneaky getaways!