Love Live! School Idol Festival

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Marie Ishida

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June 14, 2019

By Marie Ishida

There are many video game genres, varying from RPGs (role-playing games) to action games. Among these are video games called rhythm games, which mainly focus on testing the player’s rhythm and timing skills. Rhythm games typically require players to press buttons as shown on a screen. Among these is one rhythm game called Love Live! School Idol Festival.

Love Live! School Idol Festival (LL!SIF) is a Japanese rhythm game created by KLab and published by Bushiroad’s Bushimo based off of the anime LoveLive: School idol project. In the game, the user creates multiple units (teams) with collectible cards in-game. The user then can perform a live show using a selected unit. All of the songs used in the game are sung by the idol groups μ’s, Aqours, A-RISE, and Saint Snow, as well as 9 soloists known as All Stars that have been added recently. Below are images of the title screen of the app for the groups (from top to bottom) μ’s and Aqours.

When performing a live show, players tap circle icons that appear on the screen. Users can choose songs from different idol groups. Each song has five different levels: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Master. The higher the difficulty of the song, the more icons the song will include as well as rewards. Each difficulty requires players to use a certain amount of Live Points (LP). The harder the song the more LP is used. Players can restore LP by using a currency called Love Gems. Each song also has an attribute of either Smile, Pure, or Cool. By using teams with cards of specific attributes, you can gain higher scores while performing live shows. Below is an example of a live show in-game.

In order to obtain cards, players “scout” for different members. Players can use Friend Points, which are gained from clearing live shows, to scout for normal members. These cards, or members, do not have any skills that will help the player during live shows. However, by clearing multiple live shows and goals you can gain love gems, which you can use to scout for members of the rarity Rare, Super Rare (SR), Super Super Rare (SSR), or Ultra
Rare (UR). You can scout for either members of μ’s or Aqours that are Rare or above. With the members you obtained, you can practice with them to maximize their level using another currency called gold. The card’s max level will depend on the rarity of the card. However, when practicing with a member, players must use cards that they own in order to raise their level. Users can also maximize a card’s skill level. In order to do so, players use special cards called support members to help boost up a card’s skill level. The maximum skill level will vary for each card rarity as well. Below are examples of cards of the rarities (from right to left, top to bottom) Normal, Rare, SR, SSR, and UR.

When users have two of the same card, they can use the two cards to special practice with them. By doing so, you can “idolize” them, which will give the card a new look and will allow players to maximize their bond. This will also help the player gain love gems and gold. Players can also idolize members by using stickers which can be obtained by clearing live shows and goals or by selling/ using members for practicing. There are 4 different types of stickers: N stickers, S stickers, SS stickers, and U stickers. Again, depending on the rarity of the card, the amount of stickers needed to idolize a member will vary. The image below of the blue-haired girl (from right to left) is an unidolized UR and the idolized version of the same card.



There are a few more ways to gain more rewards in-game aside from what was mention before. Players can log into the game each day by opening the application to the game’s title screen. Please note that a new day starts at twelve am Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Users can also obtain more rewards by participation in events, which are held once or twice a month and usually last nine to eleven days. Some of the events include Score Match Events, Challenge Festival, Companion Match, and Adventure Stroll. During a Score Match Event, users compete with other players to get the highest score. In a Challenge Festival, players clear five songs that are chosen randomly one at a time with boosts that help users during the live show. For a Companion Match, four players cooperate to reach a goal for a song. The goal will either be to get a high score or to get a high combo. During an Adventure Stroll, there is a map with areas where players can read stories and clear live shows. Some areas require clearing specific goals in order to be unlocked. In all events players gather event points to obtain rewards. Each event includes an event SR that can be gained by gathering enough points. To the left is an example of an event.

There is a second mode in the game called Story mode. There are three different story modes which are the Main Story, the Side Stories, and Other Stories. Here, users can look into the life of each idol group. By clearing goals, players can obtain Main Stories in which they can gain different rewards and unlock new songs from clearing the stories. Players can obtain Side Stories by max bonding an idolized member. By clearing them, users can gain gold and love gems. Finally, stories that revolve around either the group A-RISE, Saint Snow, or All Stars are located in the Other Stories. These can be obtained by logging into the game on specific days. Here is an example (from top to bottom) of a Main Story and a Side Story.


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