The N.R.A

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The N.R.A

National Rifle Association


What Is The N.R.A.?

The National Rifle Association of America (N.R.A.) is an American nonprofit organization that supports gun rights. It was founded in 1871 and was created to advance rifle marksmanship, teach firearm safety, and promote gun responsibility. The organization has also published several magazines. According to the N.R.A., there are 6 million members, as of 2018. Because of their beliefs, the organization has been the main focus of blame for high profile school shootings. These shootings are the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting, with 26 people dead, including 20 six to seven year olds and 6 staff members, and the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, with sadly 17 students and staff members that lost their lives and 17 other people who were seriously injured. The N.R.A is an organization that argues for gun rights.   


Some of the reasons people carry guns are

  • Protection
  • To gain respect, power, and control
  • Self Defense
  • Fear

Easy access to guns

Did you know that there are 15,000 guns for sale at any moment on the Internet. The N.R.A. donates money to legislators to promote gun rights, making it easy for people to acquire guns. The laws are not strict enough. For example, even though people over 21 are allowed to buy guns, underage people somehow still manage to get them. In addition, often times, background checks are waived, and training in proper gun management is overlooked when purchasing, and permits are given onsite, with no wait time. This easy access to guns is what is causing these mass, school shootings. Many people think the N.R.A. should do something to promote stricter gun control laws , because after all, guns kill people.  

If the N.R.A. would step up and promote tougher laws and rules, school shootings would be minimized. Much of what the N.R.A. stands for is important; for instance, if someone is carrying a weapon, or at least the police think so, they have the right to stop and search. If the gun is unpermitted, the person carrying the gun will immediately be sent to jail.


Connection to school shootings

The N.R.A blocks legislation from passing stricter gun laws, making it to easy to obtain firearms, tying them to school shootings. Mentally and emotionally unstable citizens are easily able to acquire guns. In the year 2018 alone there has been 118 teens and children killed or injured in school shootings or other gun related  crimes.

In Australia, in 1996, there was a school shooting, called the Port Arthur massacre, leaving 35 people dead and 18 wounded.  The Australian government acted immediately (one month after the shooting), making it illegal to have or carry a semi automatic gun. Shootings, such as Parkland, have caused the death of so many young people. Communities and students are grieving and in pain, not only because their classmates and children are dead, but that the NRA has done nothing to stop future shootings.


Bottom Line

We need stricter gun laws including better background checks to obtain a gun, banning automatic weapons that are used in war, and not letting online stores sell them to people on the street’s.