Super Smash Bros.

Gabriel Wong, Editor

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Super Smash Bros.

Super Smash Bros is a fighting game series that utilizes platforms and platforming mechanics to fight opponents. This style of fighting game, known as a “platform fighter”, requires less memorization of button inputs and more on positioning and using correct options to fight. Fighting games like Smash Bros are a newer take on fighting games, and many companies are following in its footsteps.


The One Of The First Platform Fighters

Smash Bros. is a game series made by game designer Masahiro Sakurai. He has been the designer of games like the Kirby series, Meteos, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and of course the Smash Bros. Series. Sakurai first started the game as a concept to show of the N64’s newer 3D graphics. Even though the game seemed like an amazing concept, at first it was just a tech demo made by Masahiro Sakurai. This is why the game had Fox, from the game series Star Fox. Fox is one of the most iconic 3D game characters because of his groundbreaking game, Star Fox, which utilized the capabilities of the N64 to render all three dimensions. The game was released as its own product after additions several character. It is easy to see that the game was just a tech demo because there are 2 characters, Luigi and Ganondorf, who are almost exact clones with a few minor moveset changes


The Most Competitive Title

The second installment was a game that some may call their greatest game, not including Smash Ultimate. Smash Bros. Melee, one of the most competitive games in the fighting game genre. Smash Melee introduced a slew of new characters, such as Ice Climbers and Mewtwo. The characters had more fleshed out mechanics, better movement, and more balance. There may be many more characters, but the crowning jewel is the glitches you could perform in the game. Things like Wavedashing and L-Canceling are complicated game exploits you can do to increase movement options and reduce the amount of input lag. There are only a few characters that are tournament viable, but some people reinvent low-tier characters letting them become better tournament-wise. An example of this is Yoshi, one of the most unexpected characters. Yoshi used to be very low tier, but a player who went by “aMSa” defied the odds and made Yoshi mid-tier. He used innovative tactics and played expertly on the ledge to secure decent placing in major tournaments. Despite this, one of the main flaws of the games is shown. The 4-5 characters who are tournament viable are almost the only ones who win major tournaments. The two best characters of the game are Fox and Falco. 6 of the 4 top ten players use Fox or Falco, and one of them uses both. Diversity is all well and good, but when it comes down to it there will always be Fox and Falco.


Revolutionary Graphics

The third game is debatably the worst Smash game so far, Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Brawl included new characters and mechanics, but was extremely flawes. One of the worst mechanics in the game is “prat falling” or tripping. There is around a 1% chance of tripping on normal surfaces and 3% on ice. You can trip if you start running, which is one of the most important things in the entire game. Tripping can lead into getting hit by a strong attack, getting hit by a combo, or lost opportunities for an easy kill on an opponent. Despite how bad tripping is, there is still something worse. There is a character in the game who is known as the most overpowered character in Smash Bros. history. Meta-knight from the hit game series Kirby is undeniably broken. He has amazing recovery and recover from virtually any part of the stage. His combos are extremely effective and in some situations end in kills.

Fleshed Out Concepts

The fourth game in the series is Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. The game also got ported over to the 3DS. There wer
e several characters removed because the 3DS couldn’t handle the more complicated characters. Some people criticize Nintendo for opting to take out characters instead of just having not releasing on the 3DS. However, the loss of a few characters didn’t matter much because of the fleshed out mechanics of Smash 4. It was much better than Brawl, because of the polished movesets and balance of characters. There are still a few flaws, like overpowered characters, but because of the better balance there are some people who can win major tournaments by creating new strategies to counter top players. The tier lists for this game have remained virtually unchanged, but there are a few interesting changes. A player who is known as “ZeRo” mains a character from the Mario series, Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong was viewed as decent at best, but ZeRo found the hidden potential behind him. He then made him a high tier, on par with DLC characters.

Everyone Is Here

The fifth and latest game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Smash Ultimate is already regarded as one of the best games, outside of Melee’s rabid fanbase. Even though the game has only been out for around 2 weeks, it is already one of the most popular ones to date. The game’s main selling point is everyone is here. All the characters that have been in prior games and been cut are finally back. There are even a few characters that nobody expected, like Ridley from Metroid and Joker from Persona 5. There are more characters to come as DLC, and they are all going to be as unexpected as Joker was. It’s extremely likely that this game will sell the best and maybe win game of the year. The game could be seen as a port of the good parts of all the games, including Melee. They brought back directional air-dodging and balanced to be much better than Melee. There are loads of mechanics borrowed from other games, but that doesn’t that its any worse. In fact, it’s most likely the best game yet.



Smash Bros. is a series full of new concepts that other games had not even dreamed of before Smash. The series as a whole has innovated concepts an

d brought new characters to light. In fact, because of Smash Bros. the game series Fire Emblem has become a huge success in America. It used to be released in only Japan, but because Marth and Roy from Fire Emblem were in the game people wanted to play as their favorite smash bros. fighters. People’s favorite smash games may vary, but you can always guarantee an enjoyable experience. Smash Bros. is at its heart a party game,so play it however you want. Have fun, and good luck!