Keeping Warm

Jamison Chow, Journalist

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Have you ever wanted to go outside, but it was too cold? Well you’re not the only one. In winter the temperature drops, and it’s chilly and uncomfortable. Keeping warm is necessary to feeling comfortable in the cold. Here’s how to keep warm. Outside you don’t have comfort of thermostat or adjusting temperature. Loose clothing, spicy foods, fleece gloves, and hand warmers are all you have.  Loose, or layered clothing provides more insulation than just one bulky layer. This is because air is trapped between the layers causing their to be more insulation. Spicy foods excite your nerves causing you to be warmer. Fleece gloves warm up your hands better want other types with better insulation. Hand warming gadgets are cool but try making your own, try using a ziploc bag, calcium chloride, and water. Mix water and calcium chloride and water in the ziploc bag and then close. Mixing water and calcium chloride creates a chemical reaction for heat. Try some of these methods and you will be warmer for the colder days.


At home, try wearing a hat, turn on the ceiling fan, try a cold shower, hot shower, pool noodle, use or trick the thermostat, dress up the windows, and try spicy clothes. Turning on the ceiling fan is usually reserved for warming temperatures but this allow the rising warm air to recirculate. Cold showers sound counterintuitive but it actually increases circulation. If you have drafts in the house try blocking them with a pool noodle. Cut the noodle to the center but keep it in one piece. Then slide in under your door cradling the door on both sides. Close the door and you are done. Turn up a locked thermostat by making it think it is colder than it actually is. Try putting ice or other colder substances around it making the surrounding area colder.  Hot drinks warm you up from the inside. Socks and blankets warm you up from the outside. Try combining both of these for instant warmth.

Inside and outside you and wear you materials that make you warmer than others.  Wool regulates body temperature keeping us warm in the winter and cooler in the winter months. “It absorbs up to one third of its own weight in moisture and depending on external conditions, is able to return it to the environment”,  according to the wisdom of wool. Silk has the same qualities as wool making these materials ideal for dressing in any conditions.