What is LoveLive: School idol project?

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What is LoveLive: School idol project?

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By Kanna Funabashi

       Love Live! School Idol Project is a long-running anime series starring the school idols, μ’s (pronounced muse) from Otonokizaka High School in Tokyo. School Idols are an upcoming new branch of idols – idols from special school idol clubs at school. School Idols create their own songs, dances, costumes, and music, which makes them different from company-sponsored official idols. They release their songs and music videos on the internet, and compete for the top.


Honoka Kosaka and her two childhood friends, Kotori Minami and Umi Sonoda create μ’s. They then recruit six more people, Maki Nishikino, Hanayo Koizumi, Rin Hoshizora, Nico Yazawa, Eli Ayase, and Nozomi Tojo. These 9 rise up to the top of Love Live! – A nationwide school idol contest – in order to save their school from closing down. The members of μ’s compete against A-RISE, a different idol group from a more popular and prestigious school in Tokyo for the place of number one in the Love Live Contest. μ’s must also compete against the several hundred other idol groups across Japan.


(From the left, Honoka, Umi, Kotori, the second row left, Maki, Nico, the bottom row left, Nozomi, Eli Hanayo, and Rin –  All images are from Love Live School Idol Festival, the rhythm game)



Love Live! School Idol Project is one of the most popular anime, more specifically idol anime, in Japan. The anime itself has two seasons, thirteen episodes each, and was the starting point of Love Live’s popularity. The original series began in August 2010, on Dengeki G’s Magazine. It then began to promote itself with the voice actors of each character. Emi Nitta as Honoka, Suzuko Mimori as Umi, Aya Uchida as Kotori, Pile as Maki, Riho Iida as Rin, Yurika Kubo as Hanayo, Sora Tokui as Nico, Yoshino Nanjo as Eli, and Aina Kusuda as Nozomi.

The voice actors would sing and perform in front of audiences as the characters themselves. Love Live began to be known as “the anime that is also in real life” because the dances and singing are so high quality and accurate to the anime. The real-life voice actors are also called μ’s, and have performed countless lives and tours. They even performed in the Tokyo Dome, the biggest stage in all of Japan.

Love Live! Sunshine is the long-awaited sequel of Love Live. Starring a new idol group, Aqours (pronounced Aqua). With leader Chika Takami, and childhood friend You Watanabe, they create their own idol group at their high school, Uranohoshi Girls high school. The two also recruit Riko Sakurauchi, Hanamaru Kunikida, Yoshiko Tsushima, Ruby Kurosawa, Dia Kurosawa, Mari Ohara, and Kanan Matsuura and finish Aqours. In order to save their school from closing down, they too must compete in Love Live.


(From the top left, Chika, You, Riko, then second row left, Mari, Kanan, then bottom row left, Ruby, Dia, Yoshiko and Hanamaru – All images here are from Love Live School Idol Festival, the rhythm game)


Aqours also has a group in real-life, with the voice actors singing and dancing, just like μ’s. Anju Inami as Chika, Shuka Saito as You, Rikako Aida as Riko, Kanako Takatsuki as Hanamaru, Aika Kobayashi as Yoshiko, Ai Furihata as Ruby, Aina Suzuki as Mari, Arisa Komiya as Dia and Nanaka Suwa as Kanan.

In conclusion, Love Live is a popular anime series centering around school idols. The anime is the most popular aspect of the series, and the songs are also very popular. Here are a few songs to get you started on Love Live!


Snow Halation

Bokura no Live Kimi to no Life (Our Live, Your Life)

Yume no Tobira (The door of Dreams)

Songs from Love Live! Sunshine and/or Aqours

Mirai Ticket (Future Ticket)

Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru Kai? (Is your heart shining?)

Daydream Warrior


Image Credits

All Images of μ’s and Aqours are from Love Live School Idol Festival, the rhythm game

Image comparison of μ’s – Dengeki Magazine

Image of Aqours Voice Actors – Dengeki Magazine