5 Scary Superstitions

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5 Scary Superstitions

Kaelin Sherman, Editor

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Superstitions have been around for many centuries, from friday the 13th to black cats. Here are the top 3 superstitions that will scare you.


FrIday the 13th: The superstition of the number 13 came from ancient India, where it was considered unlucky if 13 people sit together. Since the evil Loki in Nordic mythology is the 13th god and is known for arguments and violence. Another story of how Friday the 13th came to be was about the “traitor,” his name is Judas Iscariot and he was the 13th member of the last supper and Jesus was sacrificed on good Friday. From Jesus being sacrificed on good friday this became unholy luck, the last story of Friday the 13 came from the mass execution of a knights templar.



Black Cats: Cats were worshipped in ancient egypt, but in the 11th to 14th century Europe’s population blew up. It then became a myth that older women had cats and were looked at as “witches” and cats were “familiars,” “familiars” are a pet of witches who help protect them and the witches help them back. People also say, that Satan was thrown out of heaven and he fell into a blackberry bush, hence the color black meaning unholy luck. The same theory falls around black dogs as well.   

Walking under a ladder: Ancient egyptians believed that leaning a ladder against a wall in a triangle and walk underneath it you can feel spiritual energies. Early Christians avoided the bottom of a ladder because it’s supposedly props against the holy cross, it is believed to have Satan underneath the ladder hiding. In ancient Asian societies, they would hang people at the tops of ladders and going underneath, one would be encountering the victims ghost. For the last part of the superstition of walking underneath a ladder, in France they said that walking underneath the ladder leads to the gallows which results in one’s bad luck.



Spilling Salt- For thousands of years salt, has always been involved in magic and superstitions. Since in ancient times salt was used as a preservative for the dead and food. Villagers used to put salt out because, they all believed that witches would melt if they went near it. It’s also bad luck to spill your salt, people say that if you spill your salt that means a demon is behind you and when you throw it over your right shoulder the demon goes away. Even in Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting of the last supper Judas knocking over salt to show his betrayal to Jesus.

Breaking a mirror- The romans believed life had a renewal of 7 years and it mirrors the cycles. Many people say that mirrors show your soul on the other side, and shattering a mirror will bring the person who broke it will have bad health for 7 years. In victorian times they kept children away from mirrors because they thought that the mirror would trap their reflection and it would stunt their growth. Also, today some jewish families cover up their mirrors after a death in fear their loved ones souls with be departed with them forever.  


These superstitions are only the top five I highly encourage you to check out more superstitions at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/mitch-horowitz/13-superstitions-that-sti_b_6648484.html .