How Google Works

Jamison Chow, Journalist

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Many people may wonder how Google works. Some think it is a mess of code too complicated to explain. In fact, Google can be explained in a few simple steps. Google calls these steps Crawling and Indexing.

Crawling is done by software with a list of web addresses that Google already has, to find new sites. Software also find new sites to add to Google’s extent of websites. To add a site to Google, website owners give them a sitemap to add the links to their database. Google tries to be unbiased toward websites, providing the same tools for everyone.


Indexing is the process of organising the information Google has. Their system looks for key works and if websites are up to date. They keep this info in a search index which is well over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size. When they index a page they add entries like an index in a back of a book. They put all the works in their index.


Google’s search algorithms try to interpret your work to give back good answers to the person who is searching.They build google language models to determine what to look up in their index to give a worthwhile result. They also have a system to determine synonyms and multiple definitions. They also do this in 30 plus languages. Then they try to  match your search with matching info using keywords, titles, and headings from their index. The also try to make sure they are relevant. Google writes algorithms to evaluate websites. These algorithms analyze the information, if it is up to date, the number of times your search terms appear in the website, and high ratings


Google makes money primarily on adds. One of Google’s systems make 96% of the profit off of advertisements. AdWords, the main source of Google’s ad revenue is 70%, in fact. AdWords’ advertisements are based on the type of things people search. Say someone searches for Nike shoes on Google, then they visit a news website, on the website, the advertisements on that site will be Nike brand items. This method of advertising runs off a cost per click basis, meaning if no one clicks on the add, the customer does not pay. Google also has another way of making profit, AdSense. AdSense allows website owners to run Google branded advertisements, so the algorithms or code do all the work. In fact, one of Google’s primary income sources is AdSense and the number of advertisements they have.


Google is the primary search engine for most people, and hopefully you learned how Google works.