Top 10 Albums Of 2018

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  1. Beerbongs & Bentleys – Post Malone

In this album, Post Malone takes on his normal style of rapping, Really slow melodic rapping. This is not my personal favorite kind of rapping and if your looking for a fast rapping album then this not the right album for you. Post Malone doesn’t really bring effort to his lyrics in this album. This album is more about good and catchy hooks and flows. The album has around 5 features in total. Some of the most exciting features in this album are 21 savage on “Rockstar” and Ty Dolla $ign on “Psycho.” Overall, I would give this album a 5/10

  1. Black Panther Soundtrack – Kendrick Lamar

This album lands at the number 9 spot. In this album, Kendrick takes on a different kind of rapping to fit the movie’s (Black Panther) style. This album has some great songs like “Kings Dead, Feat. Jay Rock, Future and James Blake” and “Paramedic, Feat. SOB x RBE.” Overall, this album brings a balanced feel between fast rapping, lyrical rapping and melodic rapping. The features in this album are on point, sometimes during the album you would need a break from kendrick’s voice, so some of these features switch up the feel for this soundtrack. The songs also fit the movie very well. I would give this album a 6/10


  1. Not All Heroes Wear Capes – Metro Boomin

This is Metro Boomin’s first solo album so we have to take that into consideration. This album has 21 features in total. Some of the best features and songs are, “Don’t Come Out The House, Feat. 21 savage” and “No Complaints, Feat. Drake and Offset.” I would say this album gets better as it progresses. The last song on the album, “No Complaints” was released a couple of years ago, and In my opinion, It’s the best song. All the other songs have the same feel, while this one, stands out from all the other ones. I feel like there were a couple of extra songs on this album that didn’t necessarily need to be on this album. Overall, this album brings some hit songs. With Metro Boomin, you never know what to expect, It’s a hit or miss. 6/10.


  1. Bobby Tarantino II – Logic

Following his No 1 hit, “1-800-273-8255”, Logic came out with Bobby Tarantino II album. This album has some hit songs like “Everyday” and “Grandpa’s Spaceship” but by far the best song on the album is “44 more” this song just made the whole album for me. Logic had released “44 bars” a couple of years ago and this just makes it better. “44 more” brings a mix of good lyrics + fast rapping. Overall this album doesn’t really stand out from other Logic albums, but that’s ok, because other Logic albums are good too. This album would score 7/10.


  1. Invasion Of Privacy – Cardi B

Invasion Of Privacy is Cardi B’s first real studio album and It doesn’t disappoint at all. Although this album is only 13 songs, every single song is worth it. Some of the highlights of this album are “Drip, Feat. Migos”, and “I like It, Feat. J Balvin, and Bad Bunny”. All of the 3 Migos deliver an excellent verse. Another stand out song is “Bartier Cardi, Feat. 21 Savage”. This album has a feature every song. This also helps a lot because sometimes you get tired of listening to the same person over and over again. Overall, I would give this album a 7.5-8/10. Great album.


  1. The Last Rocket –  Takeoff

This album is also Takeoff’s first studio album, and again, It didn’t disappoint at all. I would go as far to say that every single song in this album is great. For a casual fan, every single song in this album would sound the same, and that’s the only problem with this album for a casual fan. Some of the highlights songs are pretty much the whole album, but some of the BEST songs in this album are “Casper”, “Last Memory”, and “None To Me”. Takeoff kills some verses in the album, as usual. But something that stands out to me, is that  coming into this album, I was really worried about how Takeoff was going to manage to make a 10+ track album when he usually raps about 30 seconds per track with the migos. In my opinion, he succeeded the expectations. This gets a 8/10


  1. Culture II – Migos

Following their first Culture album, Migos came out with a brand new album Culture II. The 3 headed monster, Offset, Quavo, and Takeoff, all do great in this album. I would say that Offset doesn’t have any bad verses in this album, like always, Offset is the most consistent Migo, I’ve never heard a single bad vese from Offset in my life. Then it’s Takeoff, who we just talked about, he kills most of the verses and i would go as far to say that he saves some of the songs from being bad. Last but not least, Quavo, he doesn’t really have any good verses in this album but the hooks he sings are uncomparable. The highlight tracks are “Motorsport, Feat. Nicki Minaj and Cardi B”, “White Sand, Feat. Big Sean, Travis Scott, Ty Dolla $ign” and “Higher We Go”. This Album overall gets a 8/10

  1. Astroworld – Travis Scott

Travis Scott has been hinting at this album for as long as I remember, in every single song he released he would hint at his album Astroworld. But now it’s finally here. This album features the song of the year in my opinion, “Sicko Mode,  Feat. Drake, Swae Lee, and Big Hawk.” This song is the best in the album by far. Other standout tracks are “Yosemite, Feat. Nav and Gunna.” and “Stargazing.” This album has the perfect number of songs in my opinion because I don’t know If I can listen to a 20+ track album from travis, It’s gonna get boring after a while, but I think all of the 17 songs are worth it. There are no extra or bad songs that don’t deserve to be here, so for that reason, I put this album at the second best album of 2018. 9/10


Honorable Mentions.

Before we get to our number one spot, I’ll add some albums that I think are worth listening to but did not list it.

Cold Drip – Offset. (Album didn’t come out yet but we know it’s going to be good)

Kamikaze – Eminem (Was supposed to be at number 10 spot but I forgot that the Black Panther album came out on 2018, so I had to put that over Kamikaze.

The Carter V – (I didn’t get a chance to listen to this album sadly but In the future I might rerank this list and I might move it up)

TA13OO – Denzel Curry. (Didn’t like the album at first, then got into it recently. If I reranked this list I would rank it number 4 or 5 and I would take Post Malone’s album out


  1. Scorpion – Drake

There is not much I can say about this album except that it’s great. This album has 2 sides, side A has 12 songs, side B has 13. In my opinion side A is one of the best albums of all time. If It wasn’t for side B, I would go as far to say that this is one of the best albums of all time. There were definitely some extra tracks that didn’t need to be on there, but other than that, there are no flaws in this album. Side A focuses more on rapping and side B focuses on more slow “pop” music. Some of the highlight tracks of this album are “Mob Ties”, “8 out of 10”, “Blue Tint”, “Nonstop” and many more. This album is overall great and I recommend listening to it if you have a chance. 10/10