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By Kanna Funabashi


If you were on the internet at all in 2016, you may have seen this game. It was an instant hit on Youtube, reddit, and tumblr and virtually impossible to avoid, because it was everywhere. What am I talking about? Undertale.


Undertale is an RPG game developed by Toby Fox assisted by (pixel artist) Temmie Chang, released on September 15th, 2015. Undertale is a 2d pixel-graphic game, inspired by classics like Earthbound and Touhou. The protagonist is a young child, who has fallen underground from the surface into the world of monsters. They must choose whether or not to spare or kill the monsters they meet. Depending on the player’s actions, there are a multitude of endings. Each ending is unique, and at the end, you can reset the game, and restart, and choose a different path. The player’s choice dictates everything in this game, making you need to choose who you’ll want to be – a pacifist who saves the underground, or a genocidal killer, destroying the monsters to escape.

Although the story and music are a main factor of its success, arguably the most popular aspect of the game is the battle system. The battle system consists of four buttons, Attack, Check, Item, and Mercy from left to right. The Attack button changes into a bar with a moving icon, and you must click the icon near the middle to deal higher damage. The Check button will allow you to check your enemies, and the descriptions are mostly humorous. or example, Checking an enemy Dummy will give you the description: A cotton heart and a button eye; You are the apple of my eye. (It’s still a dummy) There are also other options, depending on the enemy, that allow you to “talk” to the monster and try to reason with them. Some enemies require you to hug them, or say compliments, and they will stop fighting you.

The Item button allows you to heal with your food items. Many food items heal differently, such as the Butterscotch Pie, which heals your entire health bar, and the hotcat which heals about 10 hp. The Mercy button allows you to spare your enemies if they spare you.

The battle itself is like a bullet-dodge minigame, as you can see below. You control the red heart, and dodge the enemy’s attack.

Another popular aspect of the game is the characters. The main character is a human, as explained before. They meet various monsters along the way, and each is unique and quirky. The first monster you meet is Flowey the flower. Flowey claims that he is your friend, and will stay with you for the rest of the game. He will teach you the battle system and about the rules of the underground. The next character you meet is Toriel, the gatekeeper of the ruins. She is the first major character that you meet, and is also the first boss fight.

Later in the game you will meet various other characters, like two hilarious skeleton brothers, an undying warrior fighting to protect the monsters, a nerdy anime obsessed doctor, an eccentric pop star robot, and the final King of the Monsters. With Undertale’s diverse cast, you’re bound to make a connection with at least one of them. The story is unique and once you start playing, you’ll want to keep playing!

However, the best part of Undertale is it’s moral. Throughout the game, you learn that your choices do matter in the end, and everything you do dictates your destiny. The game is about Love and Determination, that you have the power to make a difference.


Additionally, after no new content after 3 years, Toby Fox released Undertale’s sequel, DELTARUNE. It’s been praised as being even better than undertale, although it is just a single chapter (roughly 2 hours of gameplay) I recommend that you play this game, because you are sure to love it, with great music, enjoyable characters, and most of all – an entertaining story!