Absurdity of the Flat Earth Theory

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Absurdity of the Flat Earth Theory

Atharv Naidu, Editor

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The Absurdity of the Flat Earth Theory


The theory of a flat earth is a misconception about the geometric shape of the Earth originating from before the Common Era. This myth originated from the thoughts that if the earth looks and feels flat, then it is, writing over the dozens of satellite images showing the Earth to be round, and if it is not in a modern sense, the curve of the earth being seen from an extremely high elevation.

The visual image of the flat Earth that the misinformed group, the “Flat Earth Society”, theorized was the arctic circle in the center of the disc called the Earth, and Antarctica, a one-hundred-and-fifty-foot tall wall of ice, surrounds the disc to prevent people from climbing up and falling off. According to livescience.com, the day-night cycle of the Earth is explained by saying that the sun and moon are spheres of equal diameter (32 miles) that orbit the Earth from 3,000 miles up in the sky, and the stars are an additional one hundred miles above in height. Flat Earthers also postulate that there is a supposed “Anti-Moon” that covers the moon during lunar eclipses.

Flat Earthers hold a strong belief in these facts, disapproving of NASA and National Geographic’s concrete evidence refuting these absurd facts.

  Scientists, mathematicians and philosophers made observations that earth was round as early as 600 B.C. Using calculations based on the sun’s rise and fall, Greek scholars determined that Earth is a sphere. Despite the amount of time and effort put into proving that Earth is, in fact, globe, William Carpenter, a flat earth theorist published 100 absurd statements trying to prove that the Earth is flat, one of these statements being;

“Astronomers, in their consideration of the supposed “curvature” of the Earth, have carefully avoided the taking of that view of the question which – if anything were needed to do so -would show its utter absurdity. It is this: – if, instead of taking our ideal point of departure to be at Valentia, we consider ourselves at St. John’s, the 1665 miles of water between us and Valentia would just as well “curvate” downwards as it did in the other case! Now, since the direction in which the Earth is said to “curvate” is interchangeable – depending, indeed, upon the position occupied by a man upon its surface – the thing is utterly absurd; and it follows that the theory is an outrage , and that the Earth does not “curvate” at all: – an evident proof that the Earth is not a globe.” (EarthIsNotAGlobe.com, 27th proof)


Using big words to shroud this falsity, Carpenter is trying to say that the water surrounding St.John’s and Valentia does not “appear” curved. Most proofs that support the Flat Earth theory are written in the same format, and do not follow any scientific principles. Obviously, this proof is false and repetitive.


Conclusively, the flat earth theory is absurd. It follows no scientific principles and disregards every law of nature.