How Much Money Do Beauty Gurus Make?

Sophie Bironas and Kaelin Sherman

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We all know that beauty gurus on YouTube make tons of money. According to Shane Dawson’s  (another YouTube celebrity) Jeffree Star series, he alone makes hundreds of millions of dollars a year. We wanted to find out how much money some of the biggest beauty influencers make each year.
Jeffree Star is worth 50 million dollars. Jeffree makes most of his money through makeup videos and through his own makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. On YouTube, Jeffree has 1,164,431,261 views in total. According to Jeffree Star himself, he makes around $150 million per year including money from his makeup line, sponsorships from other makeup brands and from youtube revenue.

Another big beauty guru James Charles, has a staggering net worth of 4 million dollars. James roughly makes 600,000 dollars a month and has around 83 million views in total! His subscribers are going off the charts and so are his views, and overall James makes 4.1 million annually.

NikkieTutorials (a.k.a. Nikkie De Jager) is worth $1.3 million. Although Nikkie does not own her own makeup line, she collaborates with other makeup brands. One of her collabs with Too Faced received major backlash due to it being hyped up more than it should have been. A lot of her money was made through YouTube, with 937,626,096 views in total. Per year, Nikkie makes somewhere between $58.6K – $937.8K.

Jaclyn Hill is a very popular youtuber with many collaborations from mac and other companies, Jaclyn hill’s net worth is 1.5 million dollars. Recently, she had a massive scandal with the company Morphe, since reviews on her eyeshadow palette were not good. The majority of money she makes is from youtube, she makes around $260,000 at most of her yearly earnings. Jaclyn has about 467,000,000 views in total and 5,000,000 subscribers.