Opinion: Evolutionism v.s. Creationism

Gabriel Wong, Editor

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This article is going to highlight the points of both evolutionism and creationism. Even though this is an opinion article, it is in no way saying you should believe one or the other. That is YOUR decision.


People have wondered for hundreds of years, why are animals the way they are? People have heatedly debated the topic for as long as the question has been around, but there are two ideas that are competing for the top spot. Creationism and Evolutionism are seen as the true way life itself has come to be. The ideas that are going to be shown and explained in this article.


Evolutionism is a topic mostly introduced by a man named Charles Darwin. Darwin was a man born in Shrewsbury, England on 1809. He set out on the H.M.S Beagle to investigate his theories on specimens living in their natural environment. His journey lasted for 5 years and he shared his findings with the world. His most important theory was the theory of evolution.

How  It Works

The reason evolutionism is correct is because there is no way for a subspecies to get extreme adaptations that are vastly different from the original species. For example, almost all penguins are born to live in cold environments, but there is a species of penguins that live in Africa. Some of their larger colonies live in temperatures of up to 85° fahrenheit. Most of the normal penguin species can live in temperatures of -125°! The amount of evolution required for animals to change their bodies to where they can withstand totally different temperatures. If creationism were to exist, then the African penguin couldn’t be considered a penguin at all because of the vast differences. Another reason is that because creationism says that all animals were born at once, humans lived around the same time as dinosaurs. There is a lot of evidence showing that humans arose thousands of years after.

Why People Think It’s Right

People who support evolutionism say that there is no way any animal with severe adaptation could have just been born like that. They also say that there is a common ancestor that all life stems from and the only way animals could diversify is by evolution. A point is that if all animals were created, than having varying species would be impossible. Adaptations would be impossible as well because animals can’t change the way they live by natural selection. They would theoretically go extinct and there would have to be a new animal made, which is highly unlikely. Despite the doubts you may have on Creationism, they have many well supported points.



This way of thinking is supported by people who believe in religion, for the majority of holy books say that there is a main deity or several deities who made mortal animals. The Bible says that God created all plants and animals that ever existed. Most people who follow any form of christianity follow the idea of creationism.

How It Works

How creationism works is quite simple. A being created animals and plants, who stayed that way throughout history. This theory is widely supported by religions and people who support it say that if evolution were to be the theory than any base animal would inevitably change, which is not supported by irrefutable evidence. For the theory to be true, there has to be a creator type being or several creator beings that have made the world and worlds beyond. The existence of a creator opens up a whole new can of worms, but for this theory people have to assume there is some sort of god or gods.

Why People Think It’s Right

Creationist ideas are supported by the Bible, which is one of the most credible sources in the religious world. The ideas of creationism agree with the idea that adaptations are possible, but that instead of animals killing each other to get a “pure” product they are made by a deity into a perfect form. A very important point surrounding creationism is that there is no solid evidence showing how the animals came to be what they are other than creationism itself. An article by The Summit states that “If evolution is true, our natural history museums should contain large quantities of undoubted transitional forms. The evidence for evolution should be obvious, even for the untrained eye to see”. This means that there should be more stages in between the final product and the newer product. Places that store fossils don’t have many transitional forms of animals.


There is solid evidence for both parties to be correct and flawed, but the decision of whether or not one is correct is up to be debated, and people will always think their way is right. After all, if one was known to be right than the argument would be settled. The fact that both opinions have such avid followers keeps both sides as feeling like they could be true instead of being an open-and-shut case.