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Samuel Johnson

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Bowditch football started when the school began with tackle football, for some time we won consecutive championships but after multiple injuries they cancelled the program. After a couple of years PE teacher Mr.Saunders  brought it back but with flag football this time. We won a championship that year.


This year 2018 the football team plans on going undefeated. They had their first game yesterday against Jordan and won with a score of 36 to 12. The first half of the game was close but close to the second half the game started to go bowditch’s way with a score of 26-12 and at the end of the game defence back James Huffman scored a pic 6 and  had the game ending TD. The Second game has happened against Cunha and it was another blow out game we won with a score of 46-6 and ended with a forfeit from the other team




QB:Giancarlo Selvitella

RB:Jesse Saldana, Jared Walsh

WR:Samuel Johnson, Zach Clumeck, Sid Kumar

OL: Andrea Askari, Andre Wang, Eddie Gongalvolski

TE: Dominic Carducci, James Huffman


SF: Blake Cowans

DB: Angelo Buptapanya, Samuel Johnson, Zach Clumeck

DL: Sid Kumar, Albert Wang, Andre Wang

CB: Jesse Saldana, Jake Copus