Student v.s Teachers Volleyball Game

Cynthia Shi, Editor/Journalist

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On September 21, 2018, the volleyball match between students and teachers ended with a score of 32-23. The teachers win, keeping their title!

The teachers who participated in the pep rally are:

  • Ms. Aldapa (PE teacher)
  • Mr. DeLeon (PE teacher)
  • Ms. Freesmeier (ELA/Journalism teacher)
  • Mr. Mooney (Science teacher)
  • Ms. Padilla (Social Studies/PE teacher)
  • Ms. Remedios (Math/Science teacher)
  • Ms. Sierra (Math/Science teacher)
  • Ms. Smith (Drama/Yearbook teacher)
  • Ms. Smolen (Science/ Astronomy teacher)
  • Mr. Song (Chorus/Music teacher)
  • Mr. Umberger (Math/Science teacher)
  • Mr. Walker (Social Studies teacher)

The students who participated in the pep rally are:

  • Arav Agarwal
  • Roxanne Apollo
  • Daniel Liu
  • Arjun Mahendra
  • Ryan Matsumoto-DeVeaux
  • Maahika Samudrala
  • Giancarlos Selvitella
  • Lindsey Singer
  • Ashley Stewart
  • Semhar Stewart
  • Andre Wang
  • Nina Wang
  • Nicole Werdermann
  • Eva Zinchenko
  • Etueni “Eddie” Georgeievski

Bowditch Volleyball Pep Rally

The first team to score a point in the game were the teachers, with Mr. Walker scoring a lot of points. Ms. Freesmeier, and a few other teachers, scored a couple of points as well. The gym gradually filled up as the game progressed, and the viewers were barely being contained behind the white line. There was cheering everywhere, although there may have been silent daunting (we’ll ignore that part!). Everytime a point was scored, a wave of “oh’s” and “ah’s” arose, and the winning team raised their fists in victory. Whenever a server kept on making good serves, the audience would begin chanting their name. It was overcrowded with students making noise. After the teachers took the first lead, they continued to score until the students gradually caught up! From then on, the lead continued to go back and forth, and this pattern continued until the end of the game.


Both teams had experienced volleyball players. On the student team, players such as Nina Wang, Nicole Werdermann, Lindsey Singer, and Maahika Samudrala are on the girl’s volleyball team. On the teacher team, players such as Mr. Mooney, and Ms. Freesmeier had played volleyball in previous years. Victory was always uncertain, as the teams were tightly matched. However, this meant that there were also many mistakes made throughout.


One reason the students lost was they had a hard time returning the ball, allowing it touch the ground on their side of the court. Serving also proved to be a problem with the ball not making it over the net. Because many of the players were more inexperienced compared to their other teammates, there was confusion over who was going for the ball. This caused a lot of collisions between players, which resulted in the ball touching the floor.


Even with students’ loss, it was a fun and fair game, providing enjoyment to both the viewers and players! Great teamwork was demonstrated on both sides, as well as enthusiasm. This volleyball match was an amazing experience to everyone, and we hope to see more fun pep rallies like this in the future.



Google Images/Bowditch