Fortnite: Season 4

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Fortnite: Season 4

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You may have heard of Fortnite already, it’s a widely played video game with over 125 million players worldwide. It started in 2011 as a PvE, or Player vs. Enemy, game. It wasn’t too popular, but when the Battle Royale came out on September 26th 2017, it became famous. The amount of players jumped up greatly and the game spread through the gaming community. Even with its newfound fame, there was nowhere near as much players in Season 1 as there is today. Season 1, Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3 were all mostly the same.

With the occasional addition of weapons, or removing of them, the first 3 seasons of Fortnite Battle Royale weren’t too exciting, but at the end of Season 3 something changed. A story started. A big meteor appeared in the sky, with a small, blue, tail. It was slowly making its way towards the Fortnite Battle Royale map. The last day of Season 3 had arrived and smaller comets had been hitting the map, not changing it but destroying player made buildings, and if you’re really unlucky, even killing players. At the same time the comet had been slowly increasing in size, but it still hadn’t hit.


Players had been speculating that it would destroy Tilted Towers, thought to be the best location on the map, because so many people would go there, and many games lost the bulk of their players in the beginning of the game due to the massacres that would take place there, but that theory was wrong. On the first day of Season 4 the map had a giant scar, a gaping hole in the middle of the map that had destroyed half of Dusty Depot, another popular area on the map, and the new crater was named Dusty Divot, in honor of the previous location.  In the crater, around the meteor was a government camp.


With the meteor came a great variety of other small changes to the map, and an avalanche of new players. Many mini craters appeared on other parts of the map, one at the prison North of Moisty Mire and one destroying a building in Tilted Towers, which was just finished being rebuilt as of September 17th 2018. Inside of all of these meteors were little crystals called hop-rocks which were scattered around the craters, and they allowed you to jump higher and be immune to fall damage for a short period of time by crushing them with your hand. As well as these mini-craters, some new locations appeared. One of these locations was the Villains Lair, at the border between quadrants 4,B and 5,B, along with a new named location in quadrant 2,H, named Risky Reels. As the season progressed, government trucks went around gathering hop rocks. Then all of them went to the villains layer, leading to the rocket launch at the end of the season. Also happening at the same time, the meteor was being drilled by the government, revealing a metal capsule.


Now to stop talking about the map, and to talk about the story.Every week came with a new picture. The week one picture shows a meteor hitting in the background of a movie set in Moisty Mire. This movie had multiple production areas, but the biggest was in Moisty. Week 2, you see a character, Omega, escaping from the prison due to the meteor hitting the prison. Week 3, the heroes, (In order from left to right) including Carbide,  Steel Sight, Valor and Squad leader, are looking at a hologram of the Fortnite map. On the map is a picture of Omega at the prison. Week 4, Omega is leading an army of metal robots in a factory looking building. Week 5, Omega and Carbide are having a big fight at the Tilted Towers ruin. Week 6, we’re back at the filming area from week 1, and the heroes and villains are mingling with each other. Week 7, A new skin has appeared, called The Visitor, the loading screen shows him as he had just came out from the capsule in the asteroid. And last, but certainly not least, Week 8, The Visitor has reached the rocket and is re-programming it. Week 8 was the last loading screen before the live event to mark the start of season 5, the rocket launch. The rocket launched high in the air until it was just a speck, then it started to launch back at the Fortnite map. As it got closer 4 lasers from the rocket aimed at Tilted Towers, right before it hit, a crack in the air appeared and the rocket disappeared. Then it re-appeared above Loot Lake. It flew around the map for a little before disappearing and reappearing above Loot lake, then it flew into the sky, and disappeared, leaving a giant crack in the sky.

                       The Fortnite Season 4 loading screens in order from weeks 1-8.







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     The Authors- Leonardo Alcocer & Eshan Electricwala