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Jessica Li, Editor/Journalist

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It’s that time of year, and volleyball season is starting again. We have been practicing for a long time, and now the games are starting. Come support your fellow students participating at the girl’s volleyball games. Here are the volleyball players that will be playing in the games. To know when these games take place, here is the schedule:


Games: September 17, 2018 @ Ralston

4:45-6A against 6A Ralston: Won

5:30-7A against 7A Ralston: Won

6:15-7B against 7B Ralston: Won


Games: September 18, 2018 @ Ralston

4:45-6B against 6B Ralston: Won

5:30-8A against 8A Raston: Won


Games: September 19, 2018 @ Greene & Fletcher

5:00-7B against 7B Greene: Won

5:45-7A against 7A Greene: Won

5:45-8B against 8B Fletcher: Won

6:30-8A against 8A Greene: Won

7:15-6B against 6B Greene: Lost


Games: September 20, 2018 @ Nesbit & Greene

5:30-8B against 8B Nesbit: Lost

6:30-6A against 6A Greene: Won


Games: September 24, 2018 @ Bowditch

4:15-8B @ Bowditch: Won

5:00-7B @ Bowditch: Cancelled

5:45-6B @ Bowditch: Lost


Games: September 25, 2018 @ JLS & Cunha

4:30-6A against 6A Cunha: Won

5:15-7A against 7A Cunha: Won

5:45-8B against 8B JLS: Won

6:00-8A against 8A Cunha: Won

6:45-7B against 7B Cunha: Won


Games: September 26, 2018 @ Cunha

5:30-6B against 6B Cunha: Won


Games: September 27, 2018 @ Bowditch & Borel

4:15-8A @ Bowditch: Won

5:00-6A @ Bowditch: Won

5:45-7A @ Bowditch: Won

5:45-8B against 8B Borel: Lost

Games: October 1, 2018 @ Bowditch & Sandpiper

4:30-6A @ Bowditch: Won

5:15-7A @ Bowditch: Won

6:00-8A @ Bowditch: Won

6:45-8B @ Bowditch: Lost

4:00-6B against 6B Sandpiper: Lost

Games: October 2, 2018 @ Bowditch

4:45-6B @ Bowditch: Lost

5:00-7B @ Bowditch: Won

5:45-8B @ Bowditch: Won

Games: October 3, 2018 @ Bowditch

4:00-6A @ Bowditch: Won

4:45-8A @ Bowditch: Won

5:30-7B @ Bowditch: Won

6:15-7A @ Bowditch: Won

Games: October 16, 2018 @ Sandpiper & Central

4:00-7B against 7B Sandpiper: Won

5:45-8A against 8A Central: Lost

6:30-6A against 6A Central: Won

7:15-7A against 7A Central: Won

Games: October 17, 2018 @ Bowditch

4:00-6B @ Bowditch: Won

4:45-6A @ Bowditch: Won

5:30-7A @ Bowditch: Won

6:15-8A @ Bowditch: Lost

Games:  October 18, 2018 @ Bowditch

4:15-6B @ Bowditch: Won

5:00-7B @ Bowditch: Won

5:45-8B @ Bowditch: Won

Games: October 22, 2018 @ Central & Tierra Linda

5:00-8B against 8B Central: Won

4:15-6A against 6A Tierra Linda: Won

5:00-6B against 6B Tierra Linda: Lost

5:45-8A against 8A Tierra Linda: Won

6:30-7B against 7B Tierra Linda: Won

7:15-7A against 7A Tierra Linda: Won

Games: October 23, 2018 @ Bowditch

4:30-6A @ Bowditch: Won

5:15-8A @ Bowditch: Won

6:00-7A @ Bowditch: Won

Games: October 24, 2018 @ Bowditch

4:00-6B @ Bowditch: Lost

4:45-8B @ Bowditch: Lost

5:30-7B @ Bowditch: Won