Bowditch Clubs 2018-2019

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Anime Club is definitely the place for you if you want to watch different types of anime! The club is led by 3 students – Marie Ishida, Kanna Funabashi, and Cassie Benson. The club is held on Fridays at lunch in Mr. Sterling-Smith’s room (the downstairs computer lab).


Bridge Club is hosted in Ms. Datta’s room 25. Here, you can learn to play the card game, Bridge. There are experienced bridge players teaching the students how to play, from 3:00 – 4:30. Ms. Datta hopes the club will participate in this year’s competition, since there are no other middle schools competing. (Only High Schools.)


Book Club is a place to come and read and discuss books as a group at lunch. The club takes place on the third Wednesday of every month in Ms. Burndon’s Room 3. Students will select and read books and talk about the story during meetings.

Chess Club is hosted by Ms.Freesmeier on Tuesdays during lunch in Room 44. Here, club members play chess, eat lunch, and learn new techniques and strategies in the game.


Christians on Campus (COC) takes place in Ms. Markham’s room 34, every other Friday during lunch. This club is student led, where members will talk together, play games, or read the Bible.


Color Guard is facilitated by Ms. Hampton and led by student Ashley Pedro. They meet on Wednesdays at lunch. They meet at the circular tables in the courtyard near Ms. Markham’s room. They eat lunch, learn how to dance and learn how to do tricks with the flags, such as spins and tosses.


Drama/Improv Club is led by Ms. Smith in Room 49 during lunch on Tuesdays. Here members eat lunch and play improv games, act, and relax.


ECO Club (Environmental Care Organization) is hosted by Mr. Ekel in Room 32 at lunch during Mondays. The student led conversations here spread awareness about environmental issues or concerns and together they make ideas or plans as to helping the environment.


Gaming Club is led by Mr. Shrewsberry and Mr. Walker in Mr. Shrewsbury’s room, (room 12) on Wednesdays at lunch. Here, you can relax, eat lunch, and play card games.


Interact Club is led by Mr.Sterling-Smith at the computer lab on Thursdays at lunch. They do community service and discuss various topics.


Learn2TEK is led by Samarth Godke at lunch. Here you can learn technology while having lots of fun! You will also go to the Maker’s Faire in San Mateo to represent Bowditch Middle School. Listen to the announcements for meet up days. If you have any questions, feel free to email


Math Counts is a place to practice for math competitions and is led by Mr. Biong in Room 7. 7th graders will be meeting every Wednesday at lunch and 8th graders will be meeting every Wednesday after school from 1:50-2:50.


Operation Smile is hosted by Ms. Rogers and takes place during Tuesdays at lunch in Room 22. Students will talk about and find ways to raise awareness and money.


Philosophy Club takes place on Mondays in room 16 at lunch. The club is led by Ms. Amar, and here students can talk about different philosophy applications.


Pride Club is hosted at Ms.Anderson’s class every Thursday at lunch in her classroom, room 15. There, students can eat their lunch, play games, read, talk about their week, or discuss issues or events surrounding the LGBTQ+ community.


Publishing Club is led by Mr. Sterling Smith every Tuesday during lunch at the computer lab. At the Publishing Club, you can write/draw something creative, and put it in a handmade book!


Student Council, led by Ms. Padilla, is held on Mondays and sometimes during lunch.


The Dungeons and Dragons club play – you guessed it! Dungeons and Dragons on Tuesdays at lunch in Ms. Henry’s room (Room 8). Justin Brewer is the leader of this club, and is excited to have fun at Dungeons and Dragons club.


The Forum Against Bullying Club takes place on Wednesdays in Room 13. Here, students will come together to prevent bullying in school. Their first ever meeting was on Wednesday, September 19!


The Science Olympiad is hosted by Ms.Dulur and Ms.Smolen on Fridays after school for about an hour in Room 17. Here students will work on researching, experimenting, and presenting science topics through projects over the year. All their hard work will then be presented in a final event in March at a community college in Hayward. Students will present their science works at the B.A. Regional Science Event and compete against other schools in a competition of science projects.


The Walking Club is led by Ms.Smith on Fridays! The club walks along a set trail from 7:15, all the way to Bowditch. There are 6 “pick-up” spots – Penelope’s, the Hillbarn Theatre, the Levee, and down the levee to Bowditch at 8:00. Come to the walking club if you want to take a stroll with your friends and relax before school!


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