Spirit Days

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Spirit Days are a big part of Bowditch Middle School. Students can express themselves in many different ways when it comes to Spirit Days. Spirit Days are usually on Fridays, but once a year Student Council sets up a Spirit Week. Whenever there is a Spirit Day, there is a pep rally. A rep rally is a little get to together with the school and you do fun things and win prizes. You can only participate if you dressed up but otherwise you can still watch if you didn’t dress up. If you dressed up your 2nd period teacher counts how many people, and however many people dressed up you get spirit points. On September 7th, there was a Blue and Gold day, which was a huge success. On September 21st, is sports day and the pep rally is Teachers Vs.  Students Volleyball game. Last week of September is “Hello Week,” hello week is where students write their name on a name tag and walk around school, meeting new people. Sometime in October there is going to be a Pink day, Mix it up day, and a Halloween costume day.